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What material are fire windows made of? How to install and use fire windows


A fire-resistant window refers to a window that, together with the frame, can meet the requirements of fire-resistant stability and fire-resistant integrity within a certain period of time. According to the latest standards for fireproof windows, it can be divided into Class A fireproof windows, Class B fireproof windows, etc. According to the material of fireproof windows, it can be divided into steel fireproof windows, aluminum fireproof windows, plastic steel fireproof windows, etc. When choosing a fireproof window, in addition to paying attention to the price of the fireproof window, you should also pay attention to whether the manufacturer of the fireproof window is qualified. At the same time, you should check the fireproof window inspection report to see if the product is qualified. How to install fire windows? How much is a square meter of fire window installation? Let's find out with Baydee Xiaobian!

What material is used for fire windows

Fire-resistant windows are mainly composed of window frames and glass. The window frame materials are wood, steel, stainless steel and other materials; the glass is fire-resistant glass, the difference lies in composite grouted glass and single-chip cesium-potassium fire-resistant glass. The former has good heat insulation effect , the latter does not have a thermal insulation function.

Classification of fire windows

Fire window material classification

According to the different materials of the fireproof window frame, it can be divided into steel fireproof window (GFC), wooden fireproof window (MFC), steel-wood composite fireproof window (GMFC) and so on.

Fire window function classification

According to the classification of the use function of fire windows, it can be divided into fixed fire windows, movable fire windows, heat insulation fire windows and non-heat insulation fire windows, etc. Details>>

Classification of fire windows

According to the fire rating classification of fireproof windows, it can be divided into Class A fireproof windows (Class A fireproof windows), Class B fireproof windows (Class B fireproof windows), Class C fireproof windows, etc.

The difference between fire windows and ordinary windows

Different materials
Generally, fireproof windows are made of steel, and there are also plastic steel, aluminum alloy, etc., while ordinary windows generally use aluminum alloy as the frame.

different functions
Fireproof windows have functions such as heat resistance and fire prevention, while ordinary windows do not have these functions.

different prices
The price of steel fireproof windows for buildings is higher than that of ordinary aluminum alloy windows

The difference between fireproof windows and fireproof windows
different materials
Fireproof windows mostly use steel and stainless steel frames, and internal glass must use fireproof glass. Fire-resistant window frames are mostly aluminum alloy or plastic steel, and non-fire-resistant glass can be used.

Different fire resistance standards
The fire-resistant limit time of fire-resistant windows can reach 1-5 hours, while the performance of fire-resistant windows is not so high, generally 1 hour.

Applicable standards are different
Fireproof windows are implemented in accordance with the GB16809-2008 "Fireproof Windows" standard, and fireproof windows are products designed according to the requirements of "Code for Fire Protection in Building Design".

Fire window price and selection method
How much is a fireproof window per square meter
The price of fireproof windows of different grades and materials varies greatly. For example, the price of aluminum fireproof windows is about 200 yuan/square meter, while the price of steel fireproof windows generally exceeds 500 yuan/square meter, and the higher the protection level The higher the price, the more expensive the fire window will be. The editor of Baydee recommends that you go to the physical store to see the price list of fireproof windows for a comprehensive comparison before making a purchase.

How to choose fire windows

1. Pay attention to qualifications

Fireproof windows are a kind of functional windows. When purchasing, you should pay attention to whether the manufacturer of fireproof windows has production qualifications.

2. Inspection report

The fire windows produced by regular manufacturers must be inspected before they can be sold, so you can check the fire window inspection report to see if it meets the fire window specification requirements.

3. Compare grades

Fire-resistant windows are divided into Class A, Class B, and Class C (Class A, Class C, and Class B). Class A fire-resistant windows have both fire-resistant integrity and thermal insulation integrity, and Class C fire-resistant windows only meet fire-resistant integrity. Class A fire windows are the best products for fire windows, and these signs can be seen clearly when purchasing.

How to install and use fire windows

How to install fire windows
The installation steps of fire-resistant windows are not much different from those of ordinary windows, except that after installation, the window frame and wall need to be poured with cement mortar to ensure the stability and fire resistance of the window frame.

How much is the installation cost of fire windows per square
Cities with different levels of development have different manual installation costs for fire windows. Generally, the cost of installing fire windows in second- and third-tier cities is about 40 yuan per square meter, while that in first-tier cities is a little more expensive.

How to install screens on fireproof windows
Fireproof windows are generally not equipped with screens, otherwise it will affect its fireproof performance. If you have to install it, you can install accessories on the inside of the window. However, the editor of Maigou.com reminds everyone that the installation of screen windows not only affects the fire performance of the windows, but also damages the aesthetics.

Fire window shutter installation method
Install the main body of the fireproof window closer on the inside of the window frame, and then install the other end of the folding link on the window sash.

Can the fireproof window be a sliding window?
There is no clear requirement for the opening form of the fire window in the fire window specification. Therefore, the fire window can be made into the form of a sliding window.

How to open the fire window
There are sliding, lifting and flat opening methods for fireproof windows, and the windows can be opened according to the opening method. Buybuy.com reminds everyone that some fire windows with relatively high protection levels are designed to be unopenable. This kind of fire window cannot be opened, and opening it forcibly will cause damage to the window.