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What are the differences between fireproof windows and fire-resistant windows? What are the materials of fireproof windows?


Fireproof windows and fire-resistant windows are two types of windows that people often hear of. Both types of windows have fire resistance. What is the difference between fire-proof windows and fire-resistant windows? What are the materials of fireproof windows? Today, Baydee Upvc Profiles will answer every question for you.
Differences between fire-resistant windows and fire-resistant windows

fireproof windows

1. The glass materials of windows are different

The glass of fire-proof window is fire-proof glass, and A-grade heat-insulating glass can be selected; The glass used for fire-resistant windows is not so demanding, and non fire-resistant glass can be used.

2. The fire resistance time of windows is different

The fire resistance limit time of fireproof windows is generally about 1-5h, and different fireproof glasses bear different fire resistance limits; The fire resistance limit of fire-resistant windows is generally only 1h. Although the fire resistance limit will increase with the progress of technology, it is still far less than the fire resistance limit of fire-resistant windows.

3. Different scenarios apply to windows

Fireproof windows are mostly used between the opening on the firewall and the fire compartment; Fire resistant windows are mainly used in shelters, family kitchens, bedrooms and other living places in residential buildings or office buildings.

What are the materials of fireproof windows

1. Frame material of fireproof window
Stainless steel plate is a very durable metal, which can withstand the wear of daily activities, otherwise it will damage the ring. Hard metals are resistant to scratches and corrosion because an invisible layer of chromium prevents oxidation.

Galvanized steel sheet can be widely used in various environments and has a long anti-corrosion life. The anti-corrosion life is different in different environments. The zinc coating and steel are metallurgically combined and become a part of the rigid surface, so the durability of the coating is relatively reliable.

The aluminum alloy has good fire resistance. The test shows that it can withstand fire for about 1 hour. In case of fire, it can save more time for escape and waiting for rescue.

2. Glass material of fireproof window

Composite fireproof glass is composed of two or more layers of glass elements attached to one or more layers of water soluble inorganic fireproof adhesive interlayer.

Monolithic fireproof glass is a kind of fireproof glass with single-layer glass structure. Keep fire resistance integrity for a certain period of time, block open fire and toxic and harmful gases on the fire face, but do not have the effect of temperature insulation.

Perforated fireproof glass is made of two layers of glass elements (three layers of glass elements can also be used for special needs), and is sealed with special flame retardant adhesive tape around. The fireproof glue filled in the middle is solidified into transparent jelly and bonded with the glass.

The difference between fireproof windows and fire-resistant windows mainly lies in the different glass materials used, the fire resistance time of windows and the use scenarios. The materials of fireproof windows are window frame materials and glass materials.