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What is the function of fireproof window and how is the rating of fireproof window divided?


Fireproof window is a widely used window type. When choosing a fireproof window, people need to know the function and grading of the fireproof window first. What is the function of the fireproof window? How are fire windows classified? Baydee Upvc Profiles will answer for you one by one today.
What is the function of fireproof window

function of fireproof window

1. Fire resistant windows are made of fire resistant glass. Fire resistance is the primary feature of fire resistant glass. The single piece of fire resistant glass can remain unbroken for more than 90 min under the impact of a flame up to 1000 ℃, thus gaining valuable time for people's escape and disaster relief.

2. Fireproof windows play an important role in preventing the spread and spread of smoke and fire and reducing losses. Fireproof window refers to the window composed of steel window frame, steel window sash and fireproof glass, which can isolate and prevent the spread of fire.

3. Fireproof windows have high weather resistance. The so-called high weather resistance means that there is no change that will affect the appearance and use performance under long-term ultraviolet radiation, which can help keep the windows transparent and bright in the past.

How to classify fire windows

The rating of fireproof windows is divided according to the fire resistance time. Class A windows shall not be less than 1.5 hours, Class B windows shall not be less than 1 hour, and Class C windows shall not be less than 0.5 hours.

Fireproof window is a kind of window composed of fireproof glass and window frame, which can isolate temperature and prevent fire spread within a certain range in case of fire. Fireproof windows are generally set at the openings or skylights on the external walls of buildings where the fire separation distance is insufficient, the firewall or fire partition in buildings where observation is required, and the external wall openings where vertical spread of fire prevention is required. The main material of fireproof window is fireproof glass, which is divided into composite fireproof glass (grouting type and composite type, with good thermal insulation performance of grouting fireproof glass and good fireproof performance of composite fireproof glass) and single piece fireproof glass.

The function of fireproof window is good fire resistance, which can prevent the spread and spread of fireworks, and has high weather resistance. The fire windows are mainly classified according to the fire resistance time, which can be divided into Class A, Class B and Class C