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How much is the price of fireproof window? How to choose and buy fireproof window correctly?


The correct purchase of fireproof windows can ensure the quality of fireproof windows and ensure the safety of their subsequent use. When purchasing fireproof windows, people will pay attention to the price of fireproof windows. What is the price of fireproof windows? How to choose fire windows correctly? Today, Baydee Upvc Profiles will answer every question for you.

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What is the price of fireproof windows

The price of fireproof windows with different profile window frames and fire ratings will also be different. The price of steel fireproof windows on the market is roughly between 150 yuan/m2 and 300 yuan/m2; The price of fireproof windows made of aluminum alloy is roughly between 250 yuan/m2 and 500 yuan/m2. Fireproof window is a kind of window composed of fireproof glass and window frame, which can isolate temperature and prevent fire spread within a certain range in case of fire.

How to choose and buy fireproof windows correctly

1. Look at the fire endurance of the fireproof window.

The rating of fireproof windows is divided according to the fire resistance time. Class A windows shall not be less than 1.5 hours, Class B windows shall not be less than 1 hour, and Class C windows shall not be less than 0.5 hours. Fireproof windows shall be used on the firewall of high-rise buildings, and Class A fireproof windows that can be closed automatically are required; When the horizontal distance between doors and windows close to both sides of the firewall is less than 2m, Class B fireproof windows shall be used; Except for residential buildings, the kitchens of other buildings shall use Class B fireproof windows.

2. Check the certificate of fireproof window

The hardware used for the fireproof window is a product under the type approval system, which must be inspected before sales. At the same time, the inspection report records the composition, specifications, dimensions, materials and sample pictures of the samples. The standards and requirements are very detailed, and the type inspection report can be obtained from the merchant when purchasing.

3. Check the quality and appearance of the fireproof window.

The fireproof window shall be firmly welded and the welding points shall be evenly distributed; The external surface shall be sprayed flat and smooth; There shall be product mark, quality inspection conformity mark and quality certification (approval) conformity mark at the specified position. The qualified fireproof window shall be complete in appearance, free from damage, and its surface shall be clean and smooth, free from plane marks, burrs and hammer marks; Corner cutting and butt joint shall be tight and flat.

The price of fireproof window is related to the window frame material and fire rating of fireproof window. Pay attention to the fire endurance time, certificate, quality and appearance of fire windows when purchasing.

The fire windows produced by Baydee are well above the national standard and provide excellent service to customers all over the world every year, we adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure that each profile meets the highest global quality standards