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How to clean and maintain the sliding window? What if the sliding window is hard to pull?


Sliding window is a well ventilated and economical window. Many people choose sliding window when installing doors and windows. Regularly, Baydee will answer the questions for you one by one today.

clean the sliding window

How to clean and maintain sliding windows

1. In the process of daily use of sliding windows, it is necessary to ensure that the rails used by the sliding windows are normal. It is inevitable that some garbage will be left in the rails during use. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the garbage in the rails regularly, especially hard stones and other materials.

2. After the sliding window has been used for a period of time, it is inevitable that there will be some oil and other materials left on it. When cleaning, pay attention to that. In order to maximize the service life, first use a soft towel to wipe, and then use ammonia or neutral detergent to clean.

3. If the aluminum sliding window is rusted due to oxidation, use a knife to gently scrape the aluminum rust, and then wash it with soap water,
Wipe it dry with a dry cloth and polish it with a dry cloth after waxing. It will be as bright as new.

4. In plum rain season, such weather may lead to the track of doors and windows

The track is blocked and the doors and windows are rusty. Therefore, the track should be cleaned regularly to ensure that there is no blockage of particles or dust, and to avoid the problem that the doors and windows are not pushed and pulled smoothly.

What should I do if it is hard to pull the window

1. The pulley under the sliding window is damaged, or something else is stuck in the slide rail. You usually remove the sliding window to check. If the pulley is damaged, replace it. If there is dirt in the sliding window for a long time, clean it up.

2. Under the action of external forces or for a long time, the sliding window frame will also be deformed, which will hinder the sliding of the window sash, and cannot be completely closed, so it needs to be replaced with a new sliding window.

3. If the pulley is damaged and the sliding window cannot be pushed, replace it with a new pulley. Note that the model and specification of the new pulley must correspond to the sliding window.

The track of the sliding window often has stones, leaves and other residues, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. The sliding window may be hard to pull because the pulley is damaged or the window frame is deformed. If the window frame is deformed, replace the sliding window.