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Such broken bridge aluminum floor-to-ceiling windows really exist, do you like them?


In modern buildings, the use of floor-to-ceiling windows has become the mainstream of more and more home decoration design. If the home has the conditions, many people will choose to install the floor-to-ceiling windows: the extra-large translucent glass and the good lighting conditions, no one can refuse the charm of the scenery brought by the floor-to-ceiling windows. Because it not only represents the appeal of a home design, but also directly reflects the owner's attitude towards the pursuit of a better quality of life

Everyone likes floor-to-ceiling windows, precisely because the artistic effect produced by floor-to-ceiling windows is incomparable with other materials, showing different tones from different angles. With the organic integration of sunlight, moonlight, lighting and the surrounding environment, you can have a panoramic view of everything outside the window without going to the window.

It is popular with many homeowners in order to create a home that is in line with the modern style and can welcome a very large amount of light. Are you planning to do this too? So, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Baydee uPVC Profiles first!

Advantages and disadvantages of floor-to-ceiling windows

The floor-to-ceiling window design is used in home decoration, which can change the indoor environment through good lighting and produce a larger visual effect in the living room than it actually is.

In addition, the floor-to-ceiling windows are highly remodelable, light in material and simple in installation.

Of course, floor-to-ceiling windows also have obvious disadvantages: when the lighting area becomes larger, the glass will transmit more heat into the room, and the anti-ultraviolet and sound insulation effects are relatively poor.

The second is the issue of privacy, which is poor.

There is also a certain safety hazard in the floor-to-ceiling window. The aging of the material, corrosion and other external factors, the glass is easy to break.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are becoming more and more popular these days, expanding our horizons and creating a virtual bridge to our surroundings. Looking around, floor-to-ceiling windows transmit the feeling of the outdoors, the changing weather and the natural ambience, into your room in a soft way.