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Causes of fog and water droplets on aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges


I don’t know if any of my friends have encountered this situation. After starting the doors and windows for a period of time, they found that their windows were foggy and watery, especially when the temperature dropped. Every morning, you can see water droplets on the window frames and glass. The key doors and windows are water droplets. The selected material is still the popular broken bridge aluminum and insulating glass on the market. Is this normal? Or is it because the window seal is not in place or the broken bridge aluminum and aluminum are not thermally insulated?

Insulating glass for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is composed of two or three pieces of glass, whose periphery is separated by an aluminum spacer frame filled with molecular sieve (desiccant) and sealed with a sealant strip to form a dry gas space between the glass layers or pour in an inert gas. product. Therefore, it is ensured that the interior of the insulating glass is a dry air layer for a long time, and there is no moisture and dust.

Then Baydee Upvc Profiles will analyze the reasons for water droplets in broken bridge aluminum windows.

When the insulating glass is fogged, it may be that the edge sealing of the insulating glass fails. In this case, the window loses the performance of thermal insulation. Not only the energy-saving performance of the design of the window cannot be achieved, but also consumers cannot pass through the fogged air. The layer can see the outside clearly, which affects the transparency of the insulating glass and reduces the heat insulation effect. The long-term fogging will cause mildew or alkali separation on the inner surface of the glass, resulting in white spots, which seriously affects the appearance quality of the insulating glass.

When the indoor is closed without opening windows for ventilation, the indoor heating temperature is high, and the outdoor temperature is below zero, the moisture in the indoor air will condense into water droplets when it encounters the window glass, and the water droplets accumulate to a certain extent. It will drop down and form a dew flow. The greater the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the higher the indoor humidity, and the more condensation water will be.

The condensation phenomenon is not caused by the aluminum material. Generally speaking, the broken bridge aluminum window with good material has good thermal insulation performance. The humidity of the indoor location where the window is located. If so, it is understandable that condensation occurs.

In addition to the fogging phenomenon in some regular insulating glass factories due to product quality problems, some consumers are unilaterally pursuing low-priced products, and some unscrupulous traders can take advantage of them. They use double-sided tape to directly stick the two pieces of glass together, Coated with cheap glass glue, posing as insulating glass, this kind of glass not only has no sound insulation and heat insulation effect, but also fogging in wet weather. Once the insulating glass is fogged, it is basically impossible to repair and can only be replaced.