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In the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, the PA66 thermal insulation strip has the following characteristics compared with the pvc thermal insulation strip


As an important part of the energy saving of doors and windows, the quality of thermal insulation strips not only determines the thermal insulation effect of aluminum alloy doors and windows, but also determines the application experience of doors and windows.

broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

After the appearance of the pa66 nylon thermal insulation strip, it has been well received by the majority of owners. It has strong water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, strong mechanical properties and high and low temperature resistance. Before the appearance of pa66 nylon insulation strips, pvc insulation strips were often used.

At present, the common broken bridge aluminum doors and windows insulation strips on the market are mainly divided into two types: nylon (PA66) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). But many people say that PVC insulation strips are not as good as PA66 nylon insulation strips. What is the difference between the two? Today, Baydee Upvc Profiles doors and windows make it clear to everyone.

The full name of pa66 nylon thermal insulation strip is reinforced polyamide nylon thermal insulation strip, which is widely used in the brand of broken bridge aluminum. Compared with pvc thermal insulation strip, this thermal insulation strip has the following characteristics:

It has stronger thermal insulation and can play a better thermal insulation effect.

The appearance is pure black and the surface is smooth and flat, with a certain gloss and a matt visual effect.

The pa66 nylon insulation strip has a certain degree of brittleness and high hardness, and is not easy to deform. It is easy to break after folding it in half.

It is not easy to burn and does not emit black smoke when ignited, and it will smell like burning feathers.

The full name of pvc thermal insulation strip is polyvinyl chloride thermal insulation strip. Compared with pa66 nylon thermal insulation strip, this thermal insulation strip has poor thermal insulation and has the following characteristics:

The surface is not smooth and there will be potholes when viewed from the side.

The hardness of the pvc heat insulation strip is poor, and it will not be broken if it is folded in half by hand many times.

When the temperature difference changes greatly, it is easy to deform and fall off in the aluminum frame.

Since the heat insulation strip is made of plastic, it has poor flame retardancy and has a pungent odor and black smoke when ignited.

The difference between PVC and PA66 nylon insulation strips is also reflected in the sensitivity to light and heat (in short, the two have different responses to high temperature sunlight and anti-aging). It was also mentioned before that the thermal stability of PVC insulation strips is poor, and it is easy to produce thermal deformation when the temperature is slightly increased, while PA66 nylon insulation strips can maintain stability even under high temperature exposure (so PA66 nylon insulation strips can be used in aluminum. The clamping head where the profiles are engaged ensures the dimensional accuracy of 0.5mm without the chuck being too large or small), avoiding the problem of leakage due to the uncompact combination of the profile grooves.

Finally, the characteristics of light and heat sensitivity lead to the easy aging of PVC insulation strips, and the embarrassing situation of "the aluminum profiles are not old, the PVC insulation strips should be replaced first" is easy to appear in daily life.