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Analysis on the purchase of thermal insulation strips for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows


Insulation strip has a high status in door and window products. It is a high-frequency word that consumers often hear when purchasing door and window products. The origin of the word "broken bridge" in broken bridge aluminum is the key to the performance of the product structure. It is precisely because of the addition of thermal insulation strips that aluminum alloy doors and windows have changed the performance of doors and windows, and thus the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and system doors and windows were born. Baydee Upvc Profiles talks about consumers when purchasing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. What to pay attention to in the place of the thermal insulation strip, how to choose it, and related knowledge points about it.

thermal insulation strips for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Because of the thermal insulation strips, it is called broken bridge aluminum. The thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, which is what we often call broken bridge aluminum, aims to solve the problem of energy saving of doors and windows. After nearly 20 years of development, it has become the door and window market. Mainstream door and window products.

The reason for the appearance of "bridge" in broken bridge aluminum is that the thermal conductivity of the previous generation of aluminum alloy door and window profiles is too high, which is very easy to transmit the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, resulting in poor thermal insulation performance of door and window products. Therefore, people have thought of a way to improve it, by reconnecting the two end profiles through a section of material with low thermal conductivity, and becoming a section of door and window profile material again, so that the door and window profiles have a hot and cold bridge.

When the outdoor heat is conducted and interacted through the aluminum material again, the thermal insulation profile (that is, the thermal insulation strip) will act like a cold bridge, blocking and delaying the heat transfer between the two profile thermal bridges, thereby improving the thermal insulation effect of the door and window products. .

Four formulas to teach you to choose and buy door and window insulation strips. Confirm the material, choose the right brand, look at the width and type of insulation strips, isotherms and cavity filling. The key to doors and windows depends on the thermal insulation strip, the quality of the thermal insulation strip determines the performance of the doors and windows!

Its main function is to transfer the weight of the glass to the wall. If the heat insulation strip is of poor quality and does not meet the quality standards, the light will cause the doors and windows to deform, and the heavy will cause the structural split of the broken bridge to break, so that it will be installed naturally during installation. As a result, the window is loose and falls off, causing an accident problem.

In the future, everyone must know these knowledge points when using door and window insulation strips. In addition, ordinary door and window insulation strips are basically used by few people in the home improvement market. After all, their toughness and insulation effect are still far from PA66. In fact, these are quite common.

Therefore, the material selection and manufacturing process of thermal insulation strips are very important. Good broken bridge aluminum profiles are basically made of PA66 nylon strips, which makes the performance of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows more superior.