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Four attention to extend the life of aluminum alloy doors and windows


Regarding the maintenance of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, many consumers turn a deaf ear, do not take it seriously, and let it be exposed to the wind and the sun. In this case, the performance of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows will often be affected, and the service life will be reduced.

Pay attention to the frame

The door and window frame has an important impact on the daily experience of the window. Pay attention to its load-bearing during cleaning or use, especially in the case of heavy weight, which will cause the frame to deform.

Pay attention to cleaning

The normal opening and closing of windows should go with the flow, closing and opening lightly. Always pay attention to cleaning. After all, dust buildup, stains, deformation, etc. are often high frequency issues that make opening and closing difficult.

Watch out for rain

Rainwater, as an acidic substance, has a corrosive effect on aluminum. After a rainy day, pay attention to whether there is accumulated water in the groove and other positions, and clean it up in time to ensure the life of the aluminum profile.

Pay attention to the connectors