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The pain points in the process of using the window, CROWN has helped you solve it!


A beautiful home carries your hope for life; an excellent door and window contains the protection of your beloved home. Every detail of your home can't hide your devotion to life. However, you are trying to save money to buy a house, you are happy to decorate and move in, but the doors and windows are not up to your expectations

Traditional doors and windows pain point

Profiles for doors and windows are too thin

In order to save costs, developers mostly use ordinary building profiles when choosing doors and windows. Such materials have poor comprehensive performance, weak wind pressure resistance, and are easily deformed and damaged when hit by strong winds.

Poor door and window accessories

Due to cost reasons, most of the accessories used in the doors and windows of the original buildings are relatively cheap hardware accessories, and there are many accessories products with poor hand feel, poor quality, and easy to rust and break. Long-term use of such door and window accessories is likely to cause safety hazards.

Single color, dull style

Most of the colors used in the original doors and windows are solid colors, which are very different from their ideal home color and home style. In such a case, the old doors and windows must be replaced! Change! Change!

Improper installation

When developers install windows, there are many places (such as corners, splices) that are not strictly sealed, or just use ordinary screws to reinforce windows and walls. In this case, rainwater is easy to penetrate into the wall along the gap, causing leakage hazards.

Simple function, poor performance

The functions of the original doors and windows are relatively simple, and a series of performances such as sound insulation, thermal insulation, airtightness, watertightness, and safety are simply out of the question. There is no doubt that for those owners who pursue quality and perfect experience, it is imperative to replace doors and windows.

CROWN, let the pain point no longer "pain"

The importance of replacing doors and windows with safer and better quality is self-evident, ranging from the safety of the city and the significance of building energy conservation to the comfortable experience of a family.

Profile selection · Quality assurance

CROWN doors and windows use self-developed polymer composite profiles, which have stable structure and longer service life. The multi-chamber structure design has excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, airtightness, watertightness and other properties. CROWN makes every door and window with the attitude of craftsmanship to meet the comfortable experience of every family.

Sealed consumption reduction · Comfortable experience

CROWN doors and windows use aviation-grade sealing strips, all of which are self-deep-processed safe and energy-saving insulating glass. The multi-channel sealing process greatly improves the air tightness and thermal insulation performance of the house, and can greatly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning and heating equipment.

Weather-resistant · Anti-corrosion durable

CROWN doors and windows are covered with a surface treatment process, which has excellent weather resistance and can resist the erosion of sunlight and rain for a long time, and will not fade for a long time. With high matching accuracy, the handle opening test is up to more than 100,000 times, and it is more durable.

Variety of styles · Guaranteed appearance

CROWN door and window products have various styles and styles, dozens of color combinations, leading the fashion trend. Coron doors and windows provide you with more colors to meet your personal preferences and style needs.

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CROWN doors and windows have always practiced the concept of green and energy-saving home life, creating high-end doors and windows that integrate thermal insulation, airtightness, watertightness, sound insulation and energy saving, and create an energy-saving and comfortable living space for consumers!