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Light luxury wall panels, make your home full of high quality!


As a popular wall decoration material
Wall panels are very popular
The wall panel is light in weight, fireproof, mothproof, and protects the wall
Good decoration effect, convenient maintenance and other advantages
Increasingly becoming the preferred wall material for high-end residential and villa decoration

▲8090 Baydee clean-installed wallboard floating island series

"Wallboard" is not a modern product
But has a very profound cultural history and significance
As time goes
The design of the wall panel is more diversified

▲8090 Baydee clean wall panel shallow time series

In addition to the function of protecting the wall
The high value of the wall panel is also one of the reasons why everyone favors it
In all wall decoration materials
The wall panels are beautiful in shape and can be spliced freely
It can beautify the space and enhance the effect of the space level

▲8090 Baydee Clean Wall Panel Quiet River Series

8090 Baydee Net Installed Wall Panel
Focus on the combination of functionality and environmental protection
Using natural pine rock material, healthy and pollution-free
German cutting-edge one-piece molding process
Unlimited sublimation of the master's temperament and taste

8090 Baydee whole house clean wall panel series
Not only can be customized according to the size of the site
It can also achieve a unified overall interior decoration style
Coupled with artistic design and exquisite craftsmanship
Can create a unique and tasteful home space