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Can the guardrail that comes with the balcony be removed?


Now more and more people will choose to seal the balcony due to various factors. Closing balconies is basically a door-to-door thing in the north, and now many residents in the south will consider closing balconies if the property allows. First, it can increase the usable area of ​​the house and improve the space utilization rate. Second, it can also create a safe guarantee for yourself and your family.

But have we found a small detail? When the real estate dealers hand over the house, the balcony will usually have a guardrail, some of which are made of iron and some are made of aluminum alloy. If the balcony is directly sealed on the original guardrail, the effect will be It's ugly, so can this guardrail be removed during decoration?

The editor of Baydee uPVC Profile specially consulted some professionals. He said that in fact, the guardrail made by the developer depends on the situation. One is a fake guardrail and the other is a real guardrail. The real guardrail can play a protective role. And forced removal will pose a risk to the safety of the balcony. False guardrails are mainly used for aesthetics and have little effect. So most people who want to remove the guardrail feel that the guardrail is ugly, and they are afraid of getting in the way in the future, but if they are removed, they also consider that there are hidden dangers. Discuss with you below!

First of all, you must obtain the consent of the property for the removal of the guardrail! If the property agrees, then it is up to you whether to demolish or not, but under normal circumstances, considering the safety issue, the property does not allow the demolition of the guardrail without permission.

Whether it is a balcony or a bay window, the guardrail does not look beautiful when installed indoors, but compared with the beautiful, safety is still placed in the front, especially for high-rise residents or those with children at home. If the guardrail is removed, only one layer of glass windows will be left for protection. If the quality of the glass is not good, it will be very dangerous. In this case, it is better not to dismantle the guardrail.

Secondly, not all guardrails made by developers should not be removed! Iron guardrails may be some developers in order to save costs, balcony guardrails will choose to use iron plus painting method, and then through long-term wind and rain, it will be easily corroded and rusted. In addition, the height is not up to standard. In this case, the height of the guardrail is less than one meter. Most of these guardrails are to improve the decorative effect and cannot play a protective role. Therefore, if you find that the guardrail at home meets these two conditions, then remove and replace it early!

Then, as to whether or not to remove the guardrail of the new house, I believe everyone knows it well after reading it, and the specific decision should be made according to the actual situation of the house. If there is a problem with the quality and height of the original guardrail when closing the balcony, then under the conditions allowed by the property, it is recommended that you remove it, and then re-install a better quality and beautiful guardrail. If the original guardrail is of good quality and you don't care about its existence, you should keep it. After all, no matter how strong the balcony is, there is no guardrail.