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How to choose floor-to-ceiling windows?


Open the window, you can see the light and shadow like water; close the window, you can enjoy the leisurely silence; expand the boundary of the living space; sit comfortably, and feel free and easy.

A window allows the warm sunlight and gentle breeze to slip into the room. For many people, a house with "big floor-to-ceiling windows" is a treat. The floor-to-ceiling windows with large areas of glass are pure and bright, which is a yearning for the day.

Nowadays, many people choose to seal the balcony. Whether it is a semi-closed balcony or an open balcony, they must be cautious when choosing doors and windows. The balcony doors and windows are no better than other types of windows, and they have to experience wind, sun and rain. If the doors and windows are not selected properly, it is common to leak air and rain, and it is difficult to avoid cold in winter and hot in summer, but how to choose the profiles of balcony floor-to-ceiling windows? Today, the editor of Baydee uPVC Profile will teach you to choose the right floor-to-ceiling window from these aspects.

Let's take a look at the advantages first:

Good lighting and wide field of vision: The floor-to-ceiling windows themselves are designed to add lighting and visual effects. Some dim living rooms or bedrooms can choose floor-to-ceiling windows. Adding indoor light can also better appreciate the scenery outside the window, which is an improvement. Good choice for quality of life.

Low cost and elegant appearance: Although the floor-to-ceiling windows seem to be tall and tall, the cost is very low compared to the cost of the entire wall, which can not only reduce the decoration work, but also be easy to install and easy to maintain in the later period.

Good radiation protection and isolation: Some users choose to install floor-to-ceiling windows in order to avoid the influence of ultraviolet rays. I have to say that this choice is very correct.

Compared with the wall, the floor-to-ceiling windows can better support the decoration style of the whole house, making the house look more generous and beautiful. Among our common profiles, wood, iron, aluminum, plastic steel, etc., in terms of single cost performance, broken bridge aluminum profiles are suitable. We often hear in life that broken bridge aluminum is thermally insulated, but in addition to these, broken bridge aluminum What are the advantages of doors and windows?

Excellent thermal insulation performance and good sealing

EPDM automotive-grade sealing strips are often used in the production of broken bridge aluminum profiles. This sealing strip has good thermal insulation performance, which greatly enhances the sealing and thermal insulation performance of doors and windows.

Excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance

The surface of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows has undergone strict electroplating treatment, and the surface paint layer is not easy to be damaged, and has good fire resistance and corrosion resistance.

long lasting

Broken bridge aluminum profiles are stronger than ordinary profiles, and the quality of doors and windows is good, which can generally be used for a long time. Most of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows merchants provide good after-sales service, so you can choose it with confidence.

The boundless wide field of view and the infinitely extended visual effect are undoubtedly the unique fashion design of floor-to-ceiling windows. It broadens our horizons and shortens the distance between our indoor and outdoor; it is full of charm and temptation, and it also enhances the style of the whole room, making the home full of leisure atmosphere.