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Why do many people choose to hang windows?


Doors and windows are indispensable to every household. Many people think that doors and windows are made of glass and aluminum, which is very simple and has low technical content. You can use it with peace of mind by simply ordering the device. However, with the rise of high-rise buildings, high-rise buildings also have certain requirements for installing windows.

It is generally not recommended to install casement windows on high floors, and the requirements for the quality and opening methods of doors and windows are gradually increasing. Today, Baydee uPVC Profile recommends a method of opening doors and windows, which is both ventilated and rain-proof, so you don’t have to worry about not closing properly when you go out. doors and windows. It is the inward opening and the upper hanging.

Optimized ventilation performance, natural ventilation

When the window is hung up, the room can not only be naturally ventilated, but also the air can enter the room from the window and the side, without blowing directly to the body of the person, especially when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, it can reduce the risk of cold and cold for people due to direct blowing. risks of. Especially in high-rise apartments or villas, the wind is very strong in spring and autumn, and opening the hanging windows in the windows can make the exchange of indoor and outdoor air smooth and soft.

Dustproof and rainproof, prevent rain

When the window is hung up, the airflow entering the room must first face the blockage of the glass, and the heavier dust particles in the air usually do not make a "sharp turn", and then are blocked outside. On rainy days, since the rain falls from the top to the bottom, even if it deviates into the room due to the wind direction, it will be blocked by the glass of the inner and outer upper-hung windows, so when the user is not at home, Don't worry about rain damage to furniture, floors, etc.

Easy to clean and easy to maintain

Community users who live on the second floor or above will have a very poor experience when using external windows: window cleaning has become a very difficult project! Open the window outside, even if your arms are long, you can stretch out the window, but the floor is too high, and you need to stick most of your body out of the window to clean it. The inner casement top-hung window completely solves this problem, as long as the window is completely opened inward, it is easy to take care of.


This kind of window is more space-saving. When opened, the sash faces the outside, which will not occupy space, nor will it affect the hanging of curtains and the installation of liftable clothes rails.

Good materials are very important for doors and windows, but the opening method cannot be ignored either. Moreover, the upper suspension design and the lower adjustable sliding support design can effectively solve the hidden dangers of the owner's home, and can effectively avoid the owner with the elderly and children at home. The family tragedy caused by the misoperation of the elderly and children occurs, and the appearance is more beautiful than other protective windows and anti-theft nets. Personal suggestion, if there are many windows, it should be a casement window and an inner hanging window. In this way, whether it is rainy, hot, or winter, the indoor comfort can be guaranteed. Well, this issue will be shared first, see you in the next issue for more door and window knowledge!