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High-performance doors and windows are five different from ordinary doors and windows


When you buy doors and windows, what else do you pay attention to besides the price of the doors and windows themselves? When you spend money on "worthless" doors and windows, do you know what a good door and window can bring you? Is it possible to encounter such a situation: when a customer just enters the store and sees a window that he likes, he does not ask about its material or configuration. When he does not know anything, the first thing he asks is: this kind of window. How much is the window per square meter? How did you deal with this embarrassing situation? What is the difference between brand doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows? What kind of service should the brand in the owner's mind have?

1. The raw materials are different

Sometimes, in order to save costs, most of the raw materials used for ordinary doors and windows are ordinary building profiles. Such materials are resistant to wind pressure difference and are easily deformed and damaged when hit by strong winds.

Baydee doors and windows have introduced a unique German environmental protection formula system --- a kind of ultra-low carbon dioxide polymerized with ultra-long carbon chain chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, nano-scale micro-metal particles, refractory materials, and ultra-lightfast COOL inorganic cold pigments. The heat transfer coefficient, the surface is smooth and shiny, and its strength and thickness must meet the national standards. Anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, good stability, its thermal conductivity is much lower than other common profiles, effectively reducing the heat conduction through doors and windows, saving energy loss for the home, but also the important value of doors and windows.

2. The hardware is different

Most ordinary doors and windows use unknown hardware accessories in China, which are prone to rust, breakage, rapid wear and other quality problems, and door and window locks are easily damaged, which also poses a certain threat to family safety.

Baydee doors and windows are all imported hardware products, all metal steel material, anti-corrosion surface treatment, security anti-pry system up to international standards, and constantly improve the overall level of the product, safe and reliable, durable, good hand feeling, smooth push and pull, including fixing screws The requirements are very high, and the hardware accessories such as hinges, door handles, locks, pulleys, etc. are all high-quality, ensuring the service life of doors and windows.

3. The production process is different

For the same material, there is a huge gap in the production process between different manufacturers. When some small ordinary door and window manufacturers assemble doors and windows, they are limited to assembling doors and windows, as long as they are firm. If the production process is not reliable, The quality of doors and windows cannot stand the test of time. Only by strictly implementing high-quality manufacturing processes can the quality of doors and windows be guaranteed.

Baydee doors and windows break through traditional manufacturing tools, adopt different intelligent manufacturing equipment and assembly lines, and the effect is shocking. The use of robot intelligent production lines realizes personalized customization, flexible production, and consistent standard processing technology, so that doors and windows meet high standard requirements. Improve production efficiency while ensuring consistent product quality.

4. The performance of doors and windows is different

With the development of modern technology, the depth of the house is getting bigger and bigger, the proportion of artificial lighting is getting higher and higher, and the ventilation no longer depends on the natural ventilation of the window. The window is not only used for lighting and ventilation, but has become a pure A tool for enclosing or dividing space in architecture.

Baydee doors and windows, adhere to people-oriented thinking and innovation, focus on the Chinese market and user needs, start continuous exploration in the fields of silent innovation, energy-saving innovation, safety innovation, durable innovation, aesthetic innovation, intelligent innovation, etc., to manufacture doors and windows that truly meet the Chinese market system. Thousands of families bring high-quality life and lead the development of Chinese doors and windows to a new height.

5. Different safety factors

Doors and windows are the weak links in the building's outer protective structure. If your doors and windows are not anti-prying or anti-theft, then others will enter your home as if they are no one. Ordinary doors and windows are only locked by two lock points. A thief can easily pry open a window with a tool.
Baydee doors and windows adopt the mushroom head multi-lock point configuration, which greatly enhances the overall anti-theft performance of doors and windows, and can reach the European RC2 standard to create first-class door and window security.

A good product must be designed from the perspective of humanization and comfort. The R&D and design of Baydee doors and windows takes this as a starting point, and the rigorous craftsman spirit is hidden in the details to create a comfortable and warm life for you!