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How to identify the quality of UPVC Windows & Doors?


Criteria for distinguishing the quality of plastic-steel doors and windows: Plastic-steel doors and windows have gradually become the new favorite for decoration due to their excellent performance and beautiful appearance. However, UPVC Windows & Doors are still a new type of building material in my country, and most people are still relatively unfamiliar with it. So, how to distinguish the quality of UPVC Windows & Doors?

How to identify the quality of plastic steel doors and windows

First of all, it should be clear that UPVC Windows & Doors, like other building materials, have high, medium and low grades, as well as high quality and inferior quality, and should not be confused. The quality and grade of UPVC Windows & Doors are mainly divided into the following steps:

1. First of all, we must understand the UPVC profiles selected for UPVC Windows & Doors. UPVC profile is the decisive factor for the quality and grade of UPVC Windows & Doors. A good UPVC profile should be a reasonably designed multi-cavity, wall thickness, and anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet additives in the formula. From the outside, the surface should be smooth and white in color. . In particular, I want to remind everyone that many people think that plastic steel windows are all the same white. In fact, it is not the case. The color of high-grade UPVC profiles should be white and green. This color has good anti-aging performance. There will be no aging and discoloration for ten years.

2. The plastic steel is composed of rigid polyvinyl chloride mixed resin (PVC-U) profiles and metal reinforced aggregates. PVC-U material is tough and elastic. The high-quality plastic-steel lining metal is rust-proof and has a certain thickness.

3. The brand and name are printed on the high-quality plastic steel door and window accessories, and the color is bright and clean.

4. The precision of processing and the fullness and uniformity of welding are a major sign of the quality of plastic steel.

5. High-quality UPVC Windows & Doors should have a quality guarantee and a production license.

6. UPVC Windows & Doors can be prepared with monolithic glass, vacuum glass and laminated glass.

The above information comes from the Manufacturer of BAYDEE UPVC Profile, I hope to help you.