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Home decoration color guide, you should look at it before decoration


Home decoration is very important, and the choice of color for home doors and windows is equally important! Color matching has a law to follow, and colors have their own emotions and thoughts. Color matching in home decoration is a very deep knowledge.

Different color combinations will show different overall style effects, so it is also the color selection that makes people tangled when decorating a new house. Colors are divided into cool, warm and neutral colors, most of which are distinguished by psychological feeling. For example, red, orange, yellow and brown are mostly regarded as warm colors, blue, blue, green, etc. are mostly cool colors. The classic color matching of black, white and gray is timeless.

Before choosing doors and windows, we went back and looked at a lot of decoration and matching. When looking at other people's designs, this is also beautiful, and that is also beautiful, but if we look at it too much, it will inevitably bring difficulties to our own selection. Why are other people's houses so beautifully decorated? Why can his furniture and doors and windows match so well?

Simple style is very attractive: Now more and more young people will choose that kind of simple style when decorating, people are more and more yearning for simple design, this kind of decoration is more inclined to the current black and white style, this kind of door and window selection It is relatively simple at times. Generally, metallic black with normal color matching is a good choice, and it seems to have a refined and warm feeling.

The modern style is very classic: it is more simple and simple, while the modern style has the temperament of modern comfort and stability, which attracts some mature people in their thirties. For example, the classic design collocations of gray, black and white gray are the design elements that are often seen in modern style.

The new Chinese style is very artistic: Chinese style is a decorative style inherited from the ancestors, but this style is often thick and heavy, and is suitable for some large villas. Generally, the house decoration is Chinese style, which will appear more crowded and depressing. With the evolution of the decoration style, the new Chinese style, which is simple, attractive and Chinese-style, has become a new mainstream of decoration. This style not only has a simple and durable look, but also has a Chinese-style elegance. Generally, the color can be selected according to the main style of home decoration, and various colors such as golden oak and teak can be considered.

The Nordic style is very fresh: our common Nordic style combines simple and fresh design elements such as IKEA. The overall space feels more relaxed and fresh.

The light luxury style is very trendy: the light luxury style is the basis of the continuation of the modern style. The space is decorated with stone and metal elements, and then matched with dark walls or soft furnishings to make the space look modern, elegant and gorgeous. This is a new and popular decoration style that combines modern materials, craftsmanship and design.

So when choosing the color of doors and windows, what else should you pay attention to besides matching the color of the home? The editor of Baydee uPVC Profile recommends that the color matching of doors and windows should be in contrast with the wall, so that the sense of space can be seen. For example, the white walls should be dark-colored doors and windows; if you want to use white doors and windows, the walls must have a sense of color, so as to contrast the color sense of the doors, windows and walls.

The color matching skills of doors and windows are not difficult, mainly to prevent the application of the same color system, which will not only make people visually tired, but also make the room lose its sense of hierarchy and make the space more narrow. A harmonious living space is visually pleasing and emotionally pleasing. So what color do you want your home to be this spring?