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Small knowledge of system doors and windows


When it comes to system doors and windows, many people are not familiar with it, it is a product of modernization.

So what are the advantages of the system doors and windows? What are the commonly used glass for system doors and windows? Let's have a look!

Baydee uPVC Profile tells you where the advantages of system doors and windows are:

1. Why is the system door and window called a system?

Because the system doors and windows are formed by a system of performance, integrated together. The various properties of doors and windows of this type of system, such as air tightness, anti-theft, sound insulation, operating feel, etc., are very good, and the system also needs to take into account equipment, materials, accessories, sealing and other links to ensure the formation of high Performance system doors and windows.

1. Stability and performance: After 2-3 years of research and development, the doors and windows of the system are made with independent technology, and each component of the doors and windows will be tested and inspected before leaving the factory, which is not easy to fail, so the stability is good.

2. Material: The doors and windows of the system are made of super-excellent aluminum, which is durable and not easy to corrode, and can be customized according to the orientation of the house and the living environment.

2.the advantages of the system doors and windows

1. For ordinary doors and windows, glue will not be injected during installation, only screws are used to lock them. The doors and windows of the system are different. During the connection process, glue will be injected and pins will be used to fix them. The existence of screws cannot be seen from the outside, and the production process is very high.

2. When ordinary doors and windows are installed, they will be sealed with neutral weathering glue to ensure that there will be no leakage. The system doors and windows are sealed by installing adhesive strips. The sealing technology of both is good, which can greatly prevent leakage problems.

3. Ordinary doors and windows are not very demanding in choosing windows, even ordinary glass. The system doors and windows can only use tempered glass, so as to achieve the characteristics of energy saving and consumption reduction of the system glass. When choosing a piece of glass, it is necessary to distinguish clearly.

Common glass for system doors and windows:

1. Insulating glass

Insulating glass is made of two or three layers of glass and filled with inert gas in the middle. This glass can change the sound wave propagation medium, consume the sound wave energy, and reduce the sound effect, thereby blocking the intrusion of external sound, making the room more sound insulation and noise reduction, and it can also change the speed of heat transmission to ensure the indoor temperature.

2. PVB laminated glass

PVB laminated glass is to add a layer of PVB film between two layers of glass to change the sound wave propagation medium, consume the sound wave energy, and achieve the effect of sound insulation. And this kind of glass has high strength and good explosion-proof performance.

Selection method of system door and window glass

1. General thermal insulation requirements

Since the thermal conductivity of the sealed intermediate air layer is much lower than that of glass, the thermal insulation performance of insulating glass can be doubled compared with that of a single piece of glass, and the power consumption of buildings with air conditioning can be greatly reduced. In summer, it can be insulated by more than 70%, and in winter, the indoor heating is not easily lost, and the heat loss can be reduced by up to 40%, which plays the role of heat preservation, thus turning cool in summer and warm in winter into reality.

2. Sound insulation or protection requirements

If there is a requirement for the indoor sound insulation effect or the strength of the glass, laminated glass can be selected, and tempered glass is used on both sides of the indoor and outdoor sides, which can greatly improve the impact resistance and safety of the window. Because the impact resistance of tempered glass is 5-10 times that of ordinary glass, and its bending resistance is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, under normal circumstances, there will be no dangerous situations such as fragmentation. Effective sound insulation.

Today, the sharing of how to choose the system doors and windows is here. In addition, doors and windows are durable goods. Generally good quality can be used for more than 50 years, so choosing a good product is undoubtedly a good deal. In the next issue, Baydee uPVC Profile will share more door and window knowledge!