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What are the problems of home improvement broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?


Before understanding the installation of doors and windows, first understand the relevant knowledge of doors and windows. Doors and windows are an important part of a home room. Doors and windows are divided into enclosure components or partition components according to their positions. In addition to ventilation, they also play a certain decorative effect, which makes the whole space unique.

Doors and windows are doors and windows. Doors and windows are divided into enclosure members or partition members according to their different positions. According to different design requirements, they will have functions such as heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing, and fire prevention.

Generally speaking, there are always such and such problems when installing doors and windows at home. So for consumers, what are the common problems in door and window installation? The old woodworker Luban doors and windows come to discuss with you!

Door and window fillet welding, profile fracture

This kind of problem is mainly caused by the inattentiveness of the installers in the process of handling, loading and unloading, and installation. Therefore, the installer should handle it with care, and do not pry, throw or drop it. Knock on the door frame with a plastic hammer, not a hammer.

Large gap between door and window sash and frame

During decoration, if the workers leave the gap too large, or the installation is not perpendicular to the ground, the door and window sash can be removed and planed to fit the frame and then reinstalled. If the door and window frame is not vertical, the gasket in the frame plate should be straightened. . Knock on the side panel of the door cover with your hand and there is an empty drum sound, indicating that the bottom layer is not padded with large core boards, and the panels should be removed and then padded with large core boards.

The side of the window opening is not vertical

The main reason is that there is no dunning piece to be straightened, so it should be reworked and leveled, and the backing board should be installed after measuring with a long ruler. If the surface has chromatic aberration, damage, rot, cracks, etc., the decorative panel should be replaced. The wood used for the door and window covers should be coordinated with the wood color of the doors and windows, and the color difference between the veneer and the wood lines should not be large.

Doors and windows are not level

After the doors and windows are installed, one end is high and the other is low, and the gap between the fan and the frame is uneven, and sometimes there is a problem that the upper width is narrower or the lower width is narrower. To deal with this kind of problem, first measure the level of the window sill or the ground to see which side is higher, then take the high point as the benchmark, and temporarily fix the low place with wooden wedges or spacers to adjust the level of the window frame. When the level is adjusted, the window will not appear high on one side and low on the other.

Door leaf switch is not smooth

It may be that there is a problem with the installation of the lock, the bolt of the door is not installed correctly, and the size of the corresponding lock is not suitable. The deadbolt plate should be removed and the tongue groove should be repaired with a chisel, and then the deadbolt plate should be installed after adjusting the position of the door frame deadbolt.

Although you do not install doors and windows by yourself, you also need to understand some precautions for door and window installation. It seems simple, but there are still many problems to pay attention to. When installing doors and windows, it depends on whether the installation team is professional.