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How much does the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows cost per square meter?


Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have very good sound insulation, heat insulation and sealing. Therefore, it has won the favor of many families and has become the mainstream product in the home decoration market. Because of this, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are more expensive than ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows.

The price of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is generally calculated according to square meters, including the cost of profiles, glass costs, hardware costs, etc., and the price of opening fans is generally calculated additionally. In other words, the total price of a door and window = unit price per square meter x total area + unit price of opening fans x number of opening fans. For example, the window in the picture below is 1.5 meters long and 1.2 meters high, with only one open fan. Its total price is 1.5x1.2x unit price per square + 1x unit price of opening fan.

There are many factors that affect the unit price per square meter of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, and the price gap on the market is also relatively large. For example, the same broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are quoted at 500 yuan/㎡ and others at 1500 yuan/㎡. If there is a large price gap, how should consumers choose? The key points are the following aspects:

1. Model of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

There are many models of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. The mainstream profiles are generally 65 types, 70 types, 75 types, 90 types and so on. The mainstream profiles of window screen integrated broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are generally 80 types, 95 types, 100 types, 108 types, 125 types and so on. The numbers of these models represent the width of the doors and windows, for example, the 65 type means the width of the doors and windows is 65mm.

Different types of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows use different quantities of aluminum materials and different production process difficulties, which will cause differences in the unit price of doors and windows.

2. Profile wall thickness

In addition to the different models of broken bridge aluminum profiles, there are often gaps in the wall thickness of the profiles. According to the old national standard, the profile wall thickness of building exterior windows shall not be less than 1.4mm, and the new national standard requires that the profile wall thickness shall not be less than 1.8mm. However, there is still a big gap in the wall thickness of the profiles of broken bridge aluminum products on the market, ranging from 1.2mm to 1.8mm, which results in the same 65 model of broken bridge aluminum, but the cost and quality gap between doors and windows is very large. , the price naturally has a relatively large gap.

3. Insulating glass

There are many configuration methods for the glass of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. As far as the glass itself is concerned, there are ordinary glass, tempered glass, and Low-e glass.

Even if the same glass is used, there will be differences in the composition of the glass, such as double-layer insulating glass, triple-layer insulating glass, double-laminated insulating glass, and laminated insulating glass. All of these will cause differences in the cost of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, which will affect the price.

4. Insulation strip

The common insulation strips for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are PVC plastic and PA66 nylon strips. PVC material is not resistant to high temperature and easy to age, and the use effect is poor. PA66 material can withstand high temperature of 400 degrees, not easy to deform, and has longer use effect and life. The price of ordinary pvc insulation strips per ton is 6,000-7,000 yuan, while the price of nylon 66 insulation strips is as high as 28,000 yuan per ton. The better brands of thermal insulation strips are Tylenol, Youtai, etc.

5. door and window hardware

Broken bridge aluminum door and window hardware has a great impact on the use effect and service life of doors and windows. At present, the door and window hardware with better quality are mainly imported big brands, such as Sijilia, Germany Haobo, Noto and so on. Domestic hardware can also meet the needs of families, but there is still a gap in durability. The advantage is that the price is relatively affordable.

6. Number of open fans

The price of the opening fans of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is usually calculated separately, so the number of opening fans has a relatively large impact on the total price, which in turn affects the per square unit price of the entire doors and windows.

Some brands will give certain preferential policies, such as how many square windows can be opened for free, which needs to be negotiated with the door and window brand when placing an order.

7.brand service

In the door and window industry, there is a saying "Three points for products, seven points for installation". This sentence fully reflects the importance of the brand's service capabilities. No matter how well the doors and windows are made, without a professional installation team to guarantee, it will also cause frequent problems in the later use of doors and windows.

Brand services can be divided into pre-sales service and after-sales service. Pre-sale service generally refers to the measuring ruler and design of doors and windows, and after-sales service generally refers to product installation and maintenance.

Broken bridge aluminum is a popular product in the door and window industry at present, especially the high-end product system doors and windows of broken bridge aluminum need a strong brand service capability for protection.

Good service will naturally have an impact on the price of doors and windows. But good service also brings better product experience.

In terms of design, big brands have professional design teams, and the designed doors and windows have higher appearance and better profile structure. In terms of aluminum alloy profiles, the double-broken bridge structure is uniquely created, which further improves the watertightness, airtightness, heat transfer and sound insulation of doors and windows.

In addition to the leading profile design, the materials used for Hennessy doors and windows are also very solid. The doors and windows are made of polyamide PA66+25% glass fiber insulation strip imported from Germany. The tensile strength and acid and alkali resistance far exceed those of other materials. The glass fiber content also ensures that the expansion coefficient of the insulation strip is comparable to that of aluminum materials. Consistent. If high-quality primary aluminum is used, the strength is higher and the safety is more guaranteed.

For Yan control consumers, a good door and window brand also has a major advantage, that is, the elegant and atmospheric door and window design.

Good door and window brands are good at using simple lines to outline the most spiritual space, endow the space with infinite imagination, and make doors and windows full of artistic sense.

As a big brand of doors and windows in China, the price of big brand doors and windows is higher than that of ordinary brands, but doors and windows have a great impact on the comfort of living. Choosing a product with good quality and after-sales guarantee can make consumers live comfortably. Safe to use.