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Which material is the best for doors and windows?


There are various materials for doors and windows. The following are some relatively high-quality materials for reference:

1. Broken bridge aluminum alloy: that is, on the basis of ordinary aluminum alloy profiles, thermal insulation strips are added, which can completely block the heat transfer of indoor and outdoor temperatures and achieve good thermal insulation effect. Stronger sealing and sound insulation.

2. Aluminum-clad wood: that is, on the premise of retaining the characteristics and functions of pure solid wood doors and windows, the frame body made of thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles and solid wood through mechanical methods, with thermal insulation, sealing and sound insulation, sturdy and durable, etc. performance.

3. Titanium-magnesium alloy: carbon fiber material is added to the two metal elements of titanium and magnesium, so that it has stronger hardness and strength, and at the same time has better thermal conductivity, which is suitable for villa doors and windows.

The quality of the material determines whether the performance of doors and windows is good enough, and the above materials can be given priority when purchasing.