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What are the classifications of sunrooms? What should be paid attention to in design and construction?


There are many types of sunrooms, which can be divided into:

1. According to the top material classification: glass roof sun room, broken bridge aluminum roof sun room, Degao tile roof sun room, color steel plate roof sun room.

2. Classification by structure: steel structure sun room, aluminum structure sun room, steel and aluminum structure sun room, wood structure sun room

3. Classification by location: terrace sun room, garden sun room, closed door sun room, underground courtyard sun room, closed balcony sun room.

4. Classified by shape: creative top sun room, combined top sun room, modeling top sun room, single sloping top sun room.

5. European sun room classification: Mediterranean sun room, Byzantine sun room, Victorian sun room, Gothic sun room.

Sun room design and construction need to pay attention to the following two points:

1. Load bearing

The safety of the sun room should be put first, so a stable and durable frame must be selected. The frame directly affects the life and safety of the sun room. A good aluminum alloy structure can ensure the safety factor of the sun room. In strong winds, earthquakes, etc. Maintain the overall stability of the building in the face of natural disasters.

2. Waterproof

The waterproof design of the sun room is also very important. The slope of the sun room is used to quickly eliminate the rainwater on the top surface according to the situation, so as to minimize the possibility of leakage. Plus multiple waterproof measures can calmly deal with wind, frost, rain and snow, and there is nowhere to see dripping and leakage.

The above is an introduction to the precautions for the design and construction of the sun room, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.