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What are the advantages of a sun room?


Sunroom has the following advantages:

1. Large lighting area

The sun room has a large area of glass, and the surrounding area is unobstructed. The sunlight can penetrate into the room through the glass, which not only makes the lighting of the home better and the vision wider, but also promotes the growth of children and relieves the bones of the elderly. loose.

2. Wide range of uses

In addition to being used as an independent space, the sun room can also be designed in combination with other indoor spaces, and it can be designed as a functional space such as a reception room, a tea room, and a rest area, adding more fun to life and strong practicability.

3. Beautiful facade

The shape and color of the sun room are very beautiful. The frame material has been oxidized and colored, and can have silver-white, golden yellow, bronze, bronze, yellow-black and other tones or colored patterns, without the need for painting or surface maintenance. The facade effect of the building is simple and bright, and the contrast between the virtual and the real is increased, which is full of layering.

In short, the sun room has many advantages, and qualified families can consider building a sun room.