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Why is the cycle of customizing doors and windows so long?


From the customer's point of view, I paid a lot of money, but I can't see the actual product yet. I have to wait for 20-30 days, or even up to 40 days. This process is really long and tedious. Will there be any mishaps during this period? How is my stuff doing? If you can't ship on time, how will my house be renovated...

From the point of view of door and window manufacturers, we have a hard time. We are urged by customers every day, for fear that an error in one detail will affect the production of the entire order. I am even more afraid that because of the delivery time, I will lose the trust of customers and cause customer losses......

In short, everyone is too difficult! ! !

So why is the delivery period of door and window products so long? In fact, it's not that Baydee uPVC Profile is snubbing customers, you listen to me!

Doors and windows are highly customized products

Personalized customization needs to fully consider the personalized needs of consumers. It is tailored according to the needs of each customer, not a finished product that is already in stock. It fully considers the individual requirements of consumers on the style, color, size, profile and function of doors and windows. Therefore, customized doors and windows are not only to provide products to consumers, but also to meet consumers' pursuit and yearning for quality of life.

Therefore, before the customer determines the plan, the preparatory work that the door and window designers and business managers need to do must be in place. The business manager and the door and window designer need to make an appointment with the owner, and communicate with the owner and the construction party at the door, including the project progress, decoration progress, decoration requirements and other matters.

After the on-site measuring work is completed, the business manager and the designer still need to draw a picture, come up with a plan, make a quotation, communicate with the revised plan and then make a quotation, and the technical department will review the order. to the production department.

Door and window production is "slow work and careful work"

A product is prepared from the warehouse - glued - opened - machined - assembled fan frame - debugging - glass cover - glued - packaging - storage, which is itself a process of production, and there is no less than one link in the middle. wrong.

Every process is a process of ingenuity. It has high requirements on personnel and technology, and it is not completed just by doing it casually. Then who will guarantee the safety of later use?

There is a saying that "thousands of hammers dig out the deep mountains". This word is very suitable in the production of doors and windows. Take the process of "gluing" as an example. For the gluing of windows, it is usually the most professional gluing master, from the selection of glue to the grasp of the glue gun, and then carry out The glue is applied in one go. If the glue is broken or leaked during the glue application, the force is uneven, etc., it will affect the appearance of the entire window. At this time, the glue must be scraped off and re-applied.

And Baydee uPVC Profile has always adhered to the professional spirit of "craftsman" and the purpose of "customer first", and made every product with heart. Overcome impetuous mentality, use a rigorous and meticulous attitude to ensure the quality of each product, adopt strict testing standards for products, and never deliver products that do not meet the requirements.