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What should be paid attention to when purchasing living room balcony sliding doors?


At present, many residential users tend to choose to seal the window in the balcony position, but there are also many customers who prefer to choose the sliding door. After all, the price of the balcony sliding door will be lower than the sealing window. So, how to choose a sliding door for the balcony? Today, the editor will discuss this issue with us!

1. the thickness of aluminum

The orientation of the balcony is a very windy orientation, which determines the firmness of the sliding door, so the thickness of the aluminum material must be selected correctly. The aluminum thickness of the balcony sliding door must be more than 1.6mm to be qualified. The 1.6mm balcony sliding door is also called imitation heavy door, and the real heavy door thickness is more than 2.0mm. Of course, heavy-duty sliding doors also have 3.0 or even 5.0, but generally it is not necessary to be so thick, because the price is here.

2. Sealing

The location of the balcony is not only the location where the wind is strong, but also the location where rainwater can enter. Therefore, the tightness of the sliding door is particularly important. When choosing a balcony sliding door, we must be optimistic about the structure, such as whether it is embedded in the design, whether the frame leaf and door leaf have sealant strips, siliconized tops, and so on.

3. It is not recommended to use copper rails or ground rails for rail balcony sliding door rails, but concave and convex rails.

High outside and low inside prevents rainwater from entering the track and then into the interior. In addition, it is the problem of equipment, and the equipment must find a professional equipment master.

The editor about how to choose sliding doors for the balcony has covered the popular science here. If you want to build a new home, you can refer to the following!