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How to choose a sliding window? look at these four places


Sliding window refers to a window that is driven by external force to roll the sash pulley to make the sash slide open on the frame track. According to the number of sash pages, it can be divided into single sash, double sash or multiple sash, and the opening method can also be divided into left and right, up and down push-pull Wait.

It has the advantages of not occupying space, flexible opening, large panes, large glass area, good lighting, and transparent line of sight.

The sliding windows on the market have a very wide range of applications. They are used in public buildings, large-scale real estate, and home decoration and balconies. However, there are many series of sliding windows, and the prices vary greatly. How can we choose a good one when decorating What about the sliding windows? That has to be from the following four aspects.

What should be paid attention to when purchasing sliding windows?

01 Frame base material

The wind pressure resistance performance of doors and windows depends on the resistance moment of the main force-bearing rods of doors and windows, and the larger the section of the profile, the larger the resistance moment. When purchasing sliding windows, the first consideration is its safety, especially the quality of the frame profiles should be carefully selected, because most of the main force-bearing rods of sliding windows are middle sash materials, and at the same time, the upper and lower stiles only rely on pulleys to withstand the horizontal direction. Wind load, if the quality of the profile is not good enough, it is very easy to cause huge losses due to the deformation of the main force member when it encounters strong winds.

Generally, the primary aluminum alloy profile with a wall thickness of more than 1.4mm is used as the frame base material.

02 Pulley

In order to push and pull the window sash smoothly, smoothly, safely, and without noise, a good set of pulleys is essential, and the outer wheel and bearing of the pulley determine the overall quality of the pulley. The outer wheel is mostly made of nylon fiber or all-copper. The copper pulley is stronger, but there is a sound when pulling. The nylon fiber pulley has no sound when pulling, but it is not as wear-resistant as the copper pulley.

The bearing material of the pulley is also very different. The high-quality pulley bearing is made of stainless steel. The bearing is installed tightly and has no noise when sliding. The higher-grade pulley can also adjust the height to make up the distance between the door and the track, so that the door and the track are connected. tighter.

03 Rails

According to the division of the track, the sliding window can be divided into single track, double track, three track, etc. The difference in the number of tracks is the number of sashes. Generally, the three track sliding window has one more track than the double track because of the window screen.

Common sliding window tracks are aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Aluminum alloy slide rails are divided into ordinary type and thickened type. If the size of the window sash is small and the weight is light, you can choose a smaller track. If the weight of the door and window is heavy, you must choose the thickened track. , to ensure safety and durability.

The main material of the stainless steel slide rail is 304, which is sturdy and durable. Compared with the rails of other materials, the advantages are easy to slide, low resistance, wear resistance, can protect the lower pulley, and will not rust during long-term use. It can also maintain its advantages in a humid environment and is not easy to deform.

04 Glass

The glass of sliding windows accounts for most of the whole window, so the choice of glass quality is very important. Most of the sliding windows on the market use ordinary glass, and the thickness of a single layer is about 5 mm. This kind of glass is cheap, but it has high heat resistance and impact resistance. not enough.

Better than ordinary glass is tempered glass. According to the national standard, tempered glass should be used for all glass below 500 meters from the ground. The area of ​​a single piece of glass is greater than 1.5 square meters. After crushing, it is granular and does not hurt people, and can be processed into single-layer, hollow, etc., with excellent strength, impact resistance, thermal insulation performance, and is the best choice for windows.