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How big can sliding windows generally open? Sliding door safety customization focus on details


Sliding windows are common door and window products in the home, and they can be seen in kitchens, balconies, and bathroom spaces. When customizing doors and windows, how large can sliding windows generally be opened? Today, Baydee makes it clear to everyone.

Generally speaking, the height of the sliding window is about 0.5m-1.5m, and the width is between 0.6m-1.0m. The sliding window size within this range will be relatively suitable and safer. If the size of the sliding window sash is too high and too large, it will be relatively difficult for people to open and close, and the safety hazards will also be greatly increased (especially in the position where the balcony is closed). In the actual situation, the actual size of the home sliding window is subject to the size of the door opening; if the window opening is too large, Baydee recommends (too wide) to choose three customized sliding windows or (too high) according to the actual situation. Add a fixed waistline to the window opening , its height can start from 0.4m, but it should not be too high.

In addition, according to different window heights, Baydee recommends choosing a multi-point lock of the corresponding and appropriate size. When the climatic conditions of the home need to bear a small wind pressure, the configuration of the sliding window can be relatively small (such as a single-point lock). To be enhanced, the handle for the transmission mechanism and the multi-point lock can be selected to improve the overall airtightness of the window.

1. After talking about size customization, let’s talk about detail customization. In addition to paying attention to the size of the sliding window customization, we also need to pay attention to whether the window is smoothly pushed and pulled, and whether there is any shaking after closing.

It is the standard for judging the quality of a sliding window that the wind is not easy to shake, and the anti-swing positioning wheel is the core. The anti-swing positioning wheel is mainly installed on the upper rail of the sliding window.

The upper rail of Baydee sliding window system adopts anti-swing upper wheel, which is flexible and smooth, and has high anti-swing performance. The anti-swing wheel design is installed at the back of the product to avoid the restriction of anti-swing glue and improve the sealing between the fan frame and the lower rail; the sophisticated anti-jumping device can effectively prevent the window from slipping off and prevent misoperation, with a high safety factor, for a safe home life Escort.

2. The windproof treatment of the overlapping parts of the sash and the track grooves corresponding to the overlapping parts is also an important indicator to measure the quality of a sliding window product. In addition to the need for tops to deal with the crevice wind and cross-window generated, wind-proof blocks are also required to plug the "loopholes" of the sliding windows. Therefore, when choosing a sliding window, Baydee reminds everyone to pay attention to whether the product is equipped with a windproof block.

In order to reduce the risk of our own windows being blown away, when purchasing, we can ask the store what the wall thickness of the sliding window products is. Too thin profiles are not recommended for purchase. In addition, we can also check whether there is a sealing treatment between the window frames (whether it is an embedded design); whether there is an edge cover at the contact part between the sliding window sash and the track (can cover the ugly, caulking, prevent the front and rear of the window sash or not) shaking effect).

3. When purchasing sliding windows, we also need to see whether the drainage holes (systems) are complete. It is worth mentioning that it is more suitable for the track of the sliding window to adopt the high and low track (slope type).

4. In order to avoid the danger of sliding windows falling from high-rise buildings due to disrepair or bad weather such as strong winds, Baydee recommends installing anti-shedding accessories on sliding windows or installing an anti-theft net on the outside. In addition to preventing children from falling, the anti-theft net can also add insurance to sliding windows. When the sliding window is in an accident, the anti-theft net can be used as an important "reliance", so that the broken window sash can be left on the window sill and cannot fall downstairs, so as to avoid high-altitude falling objects hurting people.

5. In order to make the sliding windows feel more secure, the sliding windows on the closed balcony can also be equipped with safety handrails to solve the problem that the floor-to-ceiling windows have no sills. Finally, it is worth mentioning that no matter how well the sliding window is customized, its shortcomings still exist - the lack of thermal insulation performance is its inherent defect.

Every door and every window is the beginning of a better life; behind the door and window products are the persistence and perseverance of our Baydee craftsmanship, and also the interpretation of quality life. Choose doors and windows, choose safety, choose brands: with careful door and window brands, Baydee will naturally let you choose with peace of mind, buy with confidence, and use them with peace of mind.