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What are the advantages of sliding windows?


Regarding windows, there are casement windows, sliding windows, bottom-hung windows, top-hung windows, full-opening windows, etc. When choosing windows for decoration, preference, appearance, safety, performance, and other practicalities will be taken into consideration. have love.

Compared with casement windows, sharing the practicality of sliding windows is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The lighting highlights the good vision

Most of the shapes of sliding windows are relatively simple and detailed lines. If this kind of window is matched with glass with good permeability, the lighting will be very good, it will not appear heavy, and the field of vision will be wider.

2. The structure is safe and stable

Among various window types, the window type of sliding window is one that can meet most living needs, because it will not be damaged by strong wind like an outward-opening window, nor will it be bumped and playful like an inward-opening window. The structure is also more stable and safer.

3. Wear-resistant and durable

We all know that the magnitude of the casement window switch is relatively large, and the impact and wear will be relatively large, and the parallel rail sliding method of the sliding window will not have too much impact and friction. After rigorous sealing treatment, The air tightness and water tightness will also be very good, it is not easy to leak, and it will not be damaged for ten years or even decades.

4. Flexible operation

The sliding window is a slot-type push-pull, which can be easily opened and closed with only a slight push. The operation is simpler, and the way of sliding rails is more convenient, which is more practical for daily life.

However, it has to be said that if you want to really bring out the practicality of the sliding window, the material, sealing and waterproof performance must be good enough.

In this way, a good sliding window is still inseparable from the support of high-quality hardware accessories. I hope that when choosing a sliding window, you should pay attention to factors such as profiles, glass, hardware accessories, etc., and it will be durable and comfortable to use in the future.