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How to choose the sliding window of broken bridge aluminum?


For the windows in the home, we must choose and install it well. Because windows are very important, once the selection is wrong or the installation is unqualified, and the windows are not closed tightly in the end, then our interior will have various problems later. For example, indoor noise is too loud, indoor air leakage, cold in winter and hot in summer, etc. But how should windows be chosen? For example, a friend now asks such a question: Is it necessary to use broken bridge aluminum for sliding windows?

What are the types of common window materials

The first common material is broken bridge aluminum. Broken bridge aluminum windows can be said to be the most widely used windows. Like many new commercial houses now or when we renovate and replace windows in the later period, we will choose broken bridge aluminum. This is due to the excellent physical properties and thermal and sound insulation properties of broken bridge aluminum.

The second common material is plastic steel windows. The plastic-steel window is a plastic-steel window made of PVC as the main material of the window frame, and then lined with profiled steel in the PVC material. Due to the long service life of plastic steel windows, there will be deformation, resulting in lax closing and so on. So it's not used as much now as it used to be.

The third common window is the ordinary aluminum alloy window. Ordinary aluminum alloy window, its profiles are also aluminum alloy profiles. However, the interior of ordinary aluminum alloy windows is not treated with broken bridges, which leads to the fact that such windows are particularly prone to condensation, so they have been replaced in many places. When you buy, you must distinguish between aluminum alloy windows and broken bridge aluminum windows.

The fourth common type of window is aluminum clad wood or wood clad aluminum windows. In fact, whether it is aluminum clad wood or wood clad aluminum, they are all upgrades on the basis of broken bridge aluminum windows. The cost of such windows is very high, almost thousands of yuan per square meter.

What factors are related to the quality of window performance

The first factor is the material of the window. Because of the quality of the window material, it directly affects the performance of the window frame itself. For example, we now have broken bridge aluminum windows instead of traditional aluminum alloy windows, which is because the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of broken bridge aluminum is better than that of ordinary aluminum alloys. The broken bridge aluminum has replaced the plastic steel window, because the stability of the broken bridge aluminum is much better than that of the plastic steel window. Therefore, our first choice is broken bridge aluminum.

The second factor is the glass of the window. Because a whole window includes both its profile and its glass, we must pay attention to the glass when buying windows. Like common single-layer glass, the performance is definitely not as good as double-layer glass. Of course, double-glazed windows are not as good as triple-glazed windows.

The third factor is the hardware of the window. Because the windows all have opening fans, and the opening fans are realized by the hardware of the windows. Therefore, the quality of the hardware determines the sealing performance of our windows to a certain extent.

The fourth factor is the way the windows are opened. Most of the windows seen so far are casement windows, and there are also inward-opening and inverted-inward windows. Because the airtightness of casement windows is far superior to that of traditional sliding windows, there are very few sliding windows in buildings today.

Is it necessary to use broken bridge aluminum windows for sliding windows?

The first point, we need to know that the sliding window refers to the way the window is opened. For sliding windows, there are common aluminum sliding windows with broken bridges, as well as plastic steel window sliding windows and aluminum alloy sliding windows. Among these kinds of windows, I personally think that the sliding windows with broken bridge aluminum are the best.

The second point, I personally think that the use of broken bridge aluminum sliding window has the following advantages. The first point is that the window frame is not easy to deform, and it is more flexible to push and pull. The second point is that the window frame is made of aluminum alloy, so its airtightness must be better than ordinary sliding windows of other materials.

How to choose windows in your home

The first point is to look at the material of the window. As I introduced to you above, if we replace windows in our home, I personally suggest that everyone choose broken bridge aluminum windows. If you have enough money at home, you can choose wood-clad aluminum windows.

The second point is the choice of window glass. Personally, I suggest everyone, whether it is in the southern region or the northern region, we should at least choose double-glazed windows, whose sound insulation is very good. For many areas in our northeast, I personally recommend that you choose triple-glazed windows.