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Casement windows or upvc sliding windows? It is very important to choose the right outdoor bridge


During renovations, windows may need to be replaced. At present, the more common window styles can be divided into:

1. Casement window

2. Upvc sliding windows

How to choose these two kinds of windows, many friends will be a little tangled.

Comparison of casement windows and upvc sliding windows

Leaving aside the usage habits, Baydee will compare and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of casement windows and upvc sliding windows:

1. Air tightness, water tightness, good thermal insulation

Casement windows are sealed with rubber strips, while upvc sliding windows are sealed with wool strips. Casement windows can be fully attached to the window frame, while upvc sliding windows must have a gap between the two sashes. This directly determines the air tightness, water tightness and thermal insulation of the casement window, which are much better than upvc sliding windows.

This advantage is also the main advantage of casement windows.

2. Good sound insulation

As mentioned above, the structure of the casement window determines its air tightness, water tightness and thermal insulation properties are better than upvc sliding windows. In fact, the structure of the casement window also determines that its sound insulation will be better.

In addition, casement windows also have a tighter frame fit, while upvc sliding windows have gaps with the window frame. If there is a strong wind, the casement windows will not shake, while the upvc sliding windows are more likely to shake and make noise.

3. Larger opening surface

With the same size, casement windows can be fully opened, while upvc sliding windows can only be opened by 50%. Obviously, the utilization rate of the window opening of the casement window will be higher.

The main reason why this opening surface is regarded as an advantage is that the current commercial buildings often have insufficient ventilation surfaces, and a larger opening surface can make indoor ventilation better.

4. Longer life

Although the hardware of casement windows may also be broken, they are much more durable than the pulleys of upvc sliding windows.

The pulleys of upvc sliding windows generally have problems in 8-9 years, and can only be replaced by professional door and window masters, which is quite troublesome. And casement windows to this age, generally there is no problem.

5. Easy to clean

Another very bad problem of upvc sliding windows is that the sliding slot is easy to accumulate dust, and it is very difficult to clean. Casement windows do not have this problem.

The following points, the casement window is slightly insufficient

1. There are certain security risks

Casement windows are divided into outward opening and inward opening.

The outward-opening casement window will have the hidden danger of falling from a high place, and in the process of opening, people need to lean out and go out, which is dangerous to a certain extent. Relatively speaking, upvc sliding windows are more secure.

2. Occupy space

As mentioned above, outward-opening casement windows have certain safety hazards. In fact, in recent years, it is generally not allowed to open windows.

If you plan to install inward-opening windows, the area will take up indoor space.

Installing upvc sliding windows will not occupy indoor space, and the windowsills can be placed with flowers and plants. When installing casement windows, things cannot be placed on the window sill, and there is a risk of collision when people walk indoors.

3, the price is higher

The hardware of casement windows is more complicated than upvc sliding windows, and for this reason, the price of casement windows is often higher than that of upvc sliding windows.

Install casement windows, there is a problem that needs attention
There are still many advantages of casement windows, but there is a problem that needs attention. In the opinion of the thick craftsman, this issue is a very important reason for deciding whether to install casement windows.

In fact, this problem has also been mentioned above, that is, the problem of casement windows that open outwards and inwards.

The outward opening type casement window has good water tightness and will not occupy the indoor space, but it may not be allowed to install.

Inward-opening casement windows, although there is no major problem in installation, are relatively watertight and take up indoor space.

Before opening the casement window, you must first clarify this problem, and then you can consider it comprehensively and choose the window that suits you.

Install upvc sliding windows, some problems need attention
Although there are many advantages of casement windows, it does not rule out those who want to install upvc sliding windows. When installing upvc sliding windows, there are also several issues to pay attention to:

1. High and low floors

The water tightness and air tightness of upvc sliding windows are relatively poor.

For the same building, high floors will face greater wind pressure and rain. Therefore, if you must choose upvc sliding windows, the lower floor will be more suitable.

2. Differences between North and South

The south is relatively warm, and the air tightness and thermal insulation are slightly worse. Obviously, it does not matter. It is acceptable to choose upvc sliding windows.

However, in the cold winter in the north, choosing upvc sliding windows will obviously reduce the indoor comfort, and it is more suitable to use casement windows.

3. Acoustic environment

For houses with relatively loud noises, such as houses along the street or by the road, due to noise considerations, Thick Craftsman suggests that casement windows should be selected.

And if the surrounding is relatively quiet, it is relatively no problem to choose upvc sliding windows.

concluding remarks

Windows are the bridge between indoor and outdoor, and good windows will enhance indoor comfort. On the issue of choosing casement windows or upvc sliding windows, I hope everyone can make a decision after comprehensive consideration. Because, as part of the hard installation, once the windows are installed, it will be too late to regret it.