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How to clean upvc sliding windows?


The windows at home use upvc sliding windows, which are good-looking and convenient, but the annoying thing is that the upvc sliding windows will be dirty within a week, especially the track of the upvc sliding windows is particularly difficult to clean. Baydee shows you how to clean upvc sliding windows immediately after they are dirty.

Method 1: Cleaning the inner windows

Prepare cleaning tools: cleaning cotton, detergent, towel.

Pour the detergent into a bucket or basin with warm water, spread a towel on the ground, and start cleaning the windows.

Wipe the dust off the window frame with a typewriter or an old cloth, then thoroughly clean the window frame with a dampened cleaning cotton.

The specific cleaning method is as follows:

(1) Clean the window in an S shape from above the window, all the way to the lower right corner

(2) Start cleaning from the upper left corner of the window, drag the sponge directly down, and then use an eraser to wipe off the water on the glass from top to bottom. Continue to wipe the entire pane in a top-down motion. Use a deerskin cloth or dry rag to wipe excess moisture from the rubber wiper, then start washing the next row, all the way to the right side of the window.

(3) After each cleaning line, don't forget to dry the wiper with a deerskin cloth or a dry rag. Otherwise, there will be obvious wipe marks on the window glass.

Dry the window frame. After cleaning the window glass, dry the window with a deerskin cloth or a dry rag.

Method 2: Cleaning of exterior windows

(1) Prepare cleaning tools: cleaning utensils such as cleaning cotton, detergent, towel, etc.

(2) Whether to disassemble the upvc sliding windows according to the cleaning needs, generally lift the sliding part to disassemble, so that the cleaning is more thorough.

(3) Cleaning steps:

Pour the detergent into a basin or bucket with warm water, remove the windshield of the window, and use a rag or broom to clean the spider web;’

Rinse the exterior windows and windows with a soft water hose, and thoroughly clean the window frames with a damp sponge;

Use a garden watering rubber hose to wash away dirt or dust from exterior windows. Wash one window at a time to prevent water spots from drying out on the windows;

Wet the sponge and clean the window frame thoroughly;

After each line of cleaning, don't forget to dry the wiper with a deerskin cloth or a dry rag, otherwise, there will be obvious wipe marks on the window glass;

Dry the window frame, and after cleaning the window glass, dry the window with a deerskin cloth or a dry rag.

Method 3: Other methods

A bucket of warm water: Warm water cleans grime and grit more easily than cold water. But if the weather is too cold outside, be careful not to make the water too hot, otherwise the glass will break.

A bottle of rubbing alcohol: This kind of isopropyl alcohol rubbing alcohol is good for cleaning windows, mainly do not use alcohol other than red wine or isopropyl alcohol.

Paper towels: In order to avoid leaving hair on the window after wiping, try not to use fluffed ones, paper towels are the most suitable.

Cleaning steps:

Pour 1/4 of the alcohol into the water and let the alcohol soak for one minute;

shake the alcohol to mix with the water;

Dip half of the towel into the bucket;

Wipe the window glass in a straight motion from top to bottom, you can also use old newspaper for this step, it will ensure that the window glass will not show streaks of wiping;

Use another paper towel to dry the window glass in the same manner as in the cleaning step above.

Screen cleaning

The screen window is full of dust. Because the mesh is too large, all the air is sucked by the vacuum cleaner, and the dust cannot be sucked. We can stick the newspaper on the screen window with tape, and then use a vacuum cleaner to absorb it from the other side, and the dust can be cleaned relatively cleanly.

If there is no vacuum cleaner or it is inconvenient to access the other side, the following method can also be used.

Take some flour, add water to make a thin batter, quickly brush both sides of the screen window and spread it evenly. After waiting for more than ten minutes, the batter has absorbed the greasy on the screen. At this time, brush it with a brush several times, and the greasy will fall off with the batter. Rinse again with water, and the oil stains are gone.

The easiest way is to take two sponges, soak them in water and spin them dry, place one on the inside and outside of the screen window, align them and push them horizontally, and clean the sponges with water at any time. The point of this method is that the sponge must be large, so that the screen window will not be damaged, and the effect will be good.

Cleaning of blinds

Blinds can be cleaned by using waste cotton gloves.

Pull the shutters open so that the blades are in a parallel state;

Put on a pair of rubber gloves first, then put on cotton gloves dipped in detergent, hold the blade with your fingers, and move it back and forth until it is clean.

Then lay the leaves flat and wash them with clean water.

Wipe it with a dry cloth and it is very clean.

Of course, there are many convenient cleaning utensils such as glass brushes and glass wipes on the market now for you to choose from. After mastering the skills, it is also very convenient.

The upvc sliding windows have accumulated a lot of dust in ten days and a half months. It is indeed very troublesome to clean, but mastering the cleaning skills may help you to clean the upvc sliding windows.