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The six advantages of upvc sliding windows, have you got it?


upvc sliding windows, which are opened and closed through external drive pulleys, have the highest appearance rate in home decoration. According to the number of fan blades, it can be divided into single fan, double fan and multi fan

According to the number of tracks, it can be divided into single track, second track and third track. In addition to the simple and atmospheric appearance, upvc sliding windows also have special advantages that people cannot refuse.

01. Outstanding lighting performance

Environmental constraints and the influence of the direction of opening windows often lead to poor indoor light. Upvc sliding windows have large sashes and large pieces of glass, which not only increase indoor lighting, but also improve the overall appearance of the building. The upvc sliding windows of different fan blades have uniform light-receiving surfaces and can achieve different degrees of lighting.

02. Flexible and simple operation

The slot-type upvc sliding windows are easy to install, just push and snap, and the doors and windows can be opened and closed freely. In addition, long-term dust accumulation needs to be disassembled and cleaned. Use safety tools to lift the window sash and remove it from the lower slot to remove it.

03. Safe and reliable home

The opening of upvc sliding windows does not stand outside like casement windows. In terms of physical properties, the structure is stable and safe, and the glass will not be broken due to strong winds. Open and close on the same plane, there is no need to worry about bumping if there are children who love to play at home, upvc sliding windows do not occupy any space in the room.

04. Less wear and tear, durable

The opening and opening method of parallel track sliding does not have too much friction and impact, and the damage is less. Rigorous sealing treatment, good water tightness and air tightness, and it is not easy to leak.

05. Broader vision

upvc sliding windows are simple in shape, with a sense of line design, with glass embedded through the metal frame. Let the indoor space lighting effect achieve the best, without too much occlusion, and make the field of vision wider.

06. More flexibility

The upvc sliding windows can be switched to the ventilation or safety protection state at any time according to practical needs, and the subjectivity is more flexible