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Do you choose casement windows or upvc sliding windows?


Casement windows are superior to upvc sliding windows in performance, but upvc sliding windows are superior to casement windows in production and operation. It is for this reason that casement windows are widely used in urban commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, high-end residences, villas and other mid-to-high-end buildings; while upvc sliding windows are widely used in industrial plants, rural residences and other mid-to-low-end buildings. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are classified according to their opening methods. The more popular and practical window types on the market are upvc sliding windows and casement windows.

Sliding and swinging are compared with the same glass and fittings. Each has its own strengths. The following will discuss their respective characteristics in detail in terms of appearance, performance, safety, maintenance, price and use functions of doors and windows.

1. Appearance comparison.

The difference between casement windows and upvc sliding windows in appearance is mainly in the matching with the overall style of the building. Because of their flexibility, casement windows can be used to make any line facade effect, and for most floor-to-ceiling windows In other words, the opening fan only accounts for a small part of the whole window, so it is more suitable for high-end real estate with stricter requirements on the overall effect of the building.

Upvc sliding windows can only be pushed and pulled horizontally, so it is difficult to match with most fixed glass. Generally, they are more suitable for industrial plants or rural home buildings with clear horizontal and vertical lines.

2. Performance comparison.

The performance requirements that people consider when choosing doors and windows are often wind resistance, water tightness, and air tightness. Among these properties, casement windows are better than upvc sliding windows, so in general high-end buildings, Casement windows are more widely used.

3. Safety comparison.

The hardware function of upvc sliding windows is very simple, and the central hook lock or the latch is used for locking at a single point, which cannot guarantee the anti-theft of the window. It only takes 1 minute for a thief to commit a crime with ordinary tools.

The linkage hardware and handles are arranged around the casement window sash to operate various functions indoors. When the window sash is closed, all sides of the window sash are fixed on the window frame, so the safety and anti-theft performance are excellent.

4. Practical comparison.

Upvc sliding windows do not affect the use of hanging curtains and lifting clothes rails.
The casement window avoids taking up indoor space when the inward-opening window is opened, but it is inconvenient to hang curtains and install lifting clothes rails.

5. Maintenance comparison

The glass strips of upvc sliding windows are all facing indoors, and the glass is easy to be replaced, but it is difficult to clean the outer surface of the window, especially the overlapping part after the window is opened.
Cleaning effect The simple operation of the linkage handle of the casement window can turn the outside of the window sash into the room, making it convenient and safe to clean the outer surface of the window.

6. Price comparison

In terms of price, casement windows are higher than upvc sliding windows. The price of ordinary aluminum alloy casement windows ranges from 200 to 350 yuan per square meter, the mid-range is 450 to 600 yuan, and the high-end is more than 800 yuan per square meter.
The starting price of ordinary upvc sliding windows is lower, only 150 to 300 yuan, the mid-range price is 350 to 500 yuan, and the price of high-end upvc sliding windows is more than 600 yuan per square meter.