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Sliding doors and windows are not smooth? Three steps to teach you to get it!


A sliding door is a kind of door commonly used in households, which refers to a door that can be pushed and pulled. With the development of technology and the diversification of decoration methods, the function and scope of sliding doors are constantly changing from traditional sheet surfaces to glass, fabric, rattan, aluminum alloy profiles, from sliding doors, folding doors to partition doors. extension.

If the sliding door has been used for a long time or used improperly, the sliding door will not be smooth. The main reason is that the door and window pulley is faulty. At this time, we can refer to the following three steps to disassemble the sliding door and install the good door and window pulley. .

1. Dismantling the sliding door

First, lift one end of the sliding door perpendicular to the ground with one hand, pass the lower part of the sliding door and window pulley with one hand, and hold up the pulley.

Then lift one end of the sliding door out of the track and lower it.

In the same way, the other end of the sliding door is lifted out of the track and lowered as in the previous two steps.

Then, hold both ends of the sliding door with both hands and lift it up.

2. Remove the door and window pulley from the sliding door

If you have little strength, you can lay the sliding door flat on the ground covered with cardboard. If the strength is large, you can directly dismantle the sliding door by holding it perpendicular to the ground without putting it down. Observe the tops at one end of the door frame of the sliding door, some are directly glued to the door frame, some are glued to the door frame, and then inserted into the screw holes.

The tops stuck to the door frame only need to be pulled apart. In this case, the tops need to be pulled out of the holes and then pulled upwards. Pull the top strip to the second screw hole, the bottom screw hole is the screw hole for the door and window pulley fixing screw of the sliding door, and the upper one is the screw hole for fixing the aluminum alloy frame.

Press the sliding door pulley with one hand so that the hex socket screw is facing the screw hole, insert the other hand into the socket socket screw hole from the screw hole at the bottom, and then unscrew the socket socket screw counterclockwise.

Pull out the door and window pulley and remove the sliding door pulley. The other upper and lower pulleys are disassembled in the same way.

3. Replace and install the lower and upper door and window pulleys of the sliding door

Set up the pulley part at the upper end of the sliding door, insert a wrench into the round hole where the pulley has been removed, and screw in new screws.

Push the upper pulley into the gap between the screw cap and the inner wall of the door frame. In order to keep the upper pulley at a certain distance, you can sandwich a piece of cardboard between the upper edge of the door frame and the plane of the upper pulley, and then tighten the screw.

After the upper pulley is installed, remove the cardboard. The replacement of other pulleys is the same. Fix the pulley with a screw, take out the old pulley, and replace the sliding door pulley in turn.

If the sliding door is not smooth, if the door and window pulley is faulty, we can refer to the above three steps to install a new door and window pulley, so that the sliding door can be used smoothly again.