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Home improvement sun room|How to ensure thermal insulation performance and improve ventilation capacity?


Whenever the sun room is mentioned, many people love and hate it.

I yearn for it when I don’t have it, but I find many problems when I have it: I regret it because it is too hot in summer, and it is “biting cold” in winter.

This kind of problem occurs, mainly because the materials and design of the sun room were not considered thoroughly when the sun room was built, resulting in poor heat insulation effect, and the want to increase the ventilation effect caused the doors and windows to lose their airtightness.. .

Today, Baydee will share how to improve the thermal insulation performance and ventilation effect of a home-decorated sun room under the premise of legal construction.

01 Thermal insulation of sun room

Thermal insulation of profiles

The main body of the sun room is divided into the top surface and the facade.

The top profile mainly plays a load-bearing role, except for ring beams and columns, which are generally not exposed to the outside, so there is no need for heat insulation treatment.

The focus of the profile is mainly on the doors and windows on the facade, and improving its thermal insulation performance can bring better results. For example, the door and window product structure with wider heat insulation strips and better sealing performance for door and window structures can also be further improved. For additional matching, such as filling the cavity with cotton, pay attention to whether the isothermal layers are on the same plane.

sun room glass

The glass of the sun room is also divided into top glass and facade glass.

In the case that the top glass is exposed, it can be added to the basic configuration of laminated glass, such as the general sequence is hollow laminated glass, hollow low-e laminated glass.

The door and window glass of the facade is mainly insulating glass. Although insulating glass also has good heat insulation performance, but if you want to upgrade it to low-e insulating glass, triple glass and two chambers, you can even do double silver, triple glass. Silver, to achieve the ultimate glass heat insulation.

Other upgrades

After talking about the profiles and glass, now let's turn our attention to the external upgrade of the sun room.

Curtain method: Generally, the top surface is used for sunshade. Manual/electric honeycomb curtains are used most indoors, which can isolate direct sunlight by means of sunshade.

A method with better performance can be used as an external sunshade on the top surface, which is mostly presented through metal curtains. This method can block the heat from entering the room from the root, but because it needs to be powered outdoors, the cost is relatively high.

In terms of doors and windows, indoor curtains have a good sun-shading effect, but they only work on the same principle as honeycomb curtains, and can only shade. For a better solution for heat insulation, electric metal sunshades have to be used.

A more effective heat insulation solution for the top surface: If the top surface of the conservatory is made of glass, there will always be contradictions between the desire for lighting and the inability to transmit heat. If there is no decision to make an all-glass roof, you can use the following more Two thermal insulation solutions that are economical and perform better.

"Degowa Sunshine Room Thermal Insulation Solution": Degaowa Sunshine Room consists of about six layers of materials, one layer of decorative panels (wood), one layer of rock wool board (with thermal insulation effect), and one layer of waterproof membrane (double-layer waterproof), a layer of high-density phenylene ether board, cement (heat insulation), a layer of waterproof felt (waterproof) and finally Degao tile (decorative layer, making the sun room more beautiful).

"Heat insulation plan for floor heating sun room": It also has five or more layers of materials to form a layer of flame-retardant extruded board (for heat insulation), a layer of aluminum alloy square tube and corner screws (to ensure load-bearing properties), another layer of flame-retardant extruded board (double-layer heat insulation), double tempered laminated glass (waterproof) and self-adhesive tape aluminum foil heat insulation cotton.

Both are excellent thermal insulation solutions, which can combine the required performance and presentation effect. However, the floor-heated sun room is more suitable for construction, and Degaowa needs more professional teamwork.

Such a large-area sunny roof with thermal insulation scheme can also expose a part of the glass, so that it can have both lighting and thermal insulation performance.

02 Sun room ventilation

After chatting so much, it can be regarded as the ventilation that everyone is looking forward to~ Now it can be called golden autumn and October, which is the time of autumn.

Just imagine, who wouldn't want to stay in a comfortable sun room and feel the breeze? As the saying goes, open the window for ventilation, and open the window for ventilation! The most effective fool-proof way to increase ventilation is to open more windows!

If it’s just a simple window opening, then there’s no need for Baydee to appear on the stage in person (playing a little tsundere~) What Baydee wants to talk about is how we can better improve the ventilation capacity of the sun room.

1. Window type selection

In terms of ventilation capacity, we are actually more inclined to choose sliding windows, because there is no blocking of the air intake by the opening angle of the sash.

However, sliding windows pay special attention to product performance. If you want heat insulation for doors and windows, Baydee does not recommend using sliding windows with poor sealing structure.

Baydee recommends that the choice of doors and windows is still the first choice for outward opening windows and inward opening windows.

2. Pay attention to the position and direction of the window

Faulty openings and the location of adjacent buildings can block air flow or interfere with ventilation.

A better window opening position can produce a convection effect with other doors and windows.

And when we determine the window opening position, we must also consider the opening height in order to bring ventilation and comfort to ourselves.

3. How to maximize the ventilation effect, it is necessary to ask out the sun room skylight

The skylight can cooperate with the facade doors and windows to form better convection, heat dissipation and ventilation.

4. Install fresh air system

When it comes to this Part, Baydee can't help but lament that technology changes life.

Window-type fresh air is a novelty for many consumers. It can close the doors and windows and achieve effective ventilation at the same time.

The translucent glass brings warm sunlight into the room, which feels very pleasant in winter.

Well, the above is all the content about the thermal insulation and ventilation performance of the conservatory brought by Baydee. People from inside and outside the industry are welcome to point out the shortcomings and learn from each other!