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Installation details of home improvement doors and windows|Do consumers care about the location of the installation opening of the window?


"Installation is the key to whether the doors and windows of the home can perform as they should. The purchase of doors and windows depends on the installation capabilities of the merchants. The installation of home improvement doors and windows is very important" ...

This is really not deliberately exaggerating, deliberately looking for topics. If you don't believe me, look at the topic of installation details discussed today - the positional relationship between the installation holes of doors and windows. The point is small, but the impact is not small.

It is worth learning from practitioners and paying attention to consumers.

01 Window frame, opening and location

Few merchants mention the installation holes of doors and windows to consumers.

Consumers also think that the installation is just to put the window frame on the window sill, and then ensure the horizontal positioning, screw and sealant, and it's done.

Not really EASY, because the window frame and installation opening widths are mostly inconsistent:

In home decoration, the width of the most used doors and windows is mainly about 6 cm - 10 cm, while the width of the window sill is generally about 10 cm - 30 cm.

The operable space of the installation position of the window frame comes. The narrow window sill can be installed on the outside or inside, and the wide window sill can also be installed in the center.

Is it installed by the installer or by yourself?

02 Influencing factors of the opening position of doors and windows

of course not. The opening position of doors and windows is affected and restricted by different situations:

The use of window sills

For kitchens, bathrooms, study rooms, balconies, etc., if the windows are installed as close to the outside as possible, then the extra window sills can be used. Especially for small-sized homes, there is an extra part of the plane in the kitchen and bathroom to put bottles and cans, which can make more effective use of space.

The inflow of rainwater when the window is open

It is mainly in the rainy areas in the south. It is necessary to consider the situation of "forgetting to close the window on rainy days" and "opening the window for ventilation even in light rain". The problem.

The problem of matching the decorative surface

Some kitchens and bathrooms will be covered with ceramic tiles, some window sills will be decorated with marble and other decorative countertops, and some interior doors and window sills will be equipped with door and window covers. The installation of these decorative surfaces is closely related to the location of doors and windows. , the installation effect is good.

Consider the insulation effect of doors and windows

For houses with high thermal insulation requirements, the value of sealing doors and windows and blocking heat transfer is self-evident. It would be perfect if the openings were treated according to the installation standards of passive doors and windows. If doors and windows are installed under a wider window sill, different positions will also have differences in thermal insulation performance.

03 How to confirm the location of the door and window installation holes in the home

A total of four factors affecting the installation position of doors and windows are mentioned above. How to decide? It can be roughly divided into the following two situations:

01. The location of the installation hole of conventional doors and windows

First of all, consider the rainwater inflow when the window is opened. The installation position of the window should not exceed the drip line above the eaves. If there is no drip line on the eave where the window is installed, it can be installed within a few centimeters of the eaves to prevent the "middle-level" oblique wind and rain level. Drips onto window frames or floats directly into the interior.

Note that when you choose the outward-opening window type at home, if you don’t want to be afraid of “mid-range rain” and forget to open the window, consider opening the outward-opening window at about 30° but not the drip line.

On this basis, practitioners or consumers can distinguish the width of the window sill at home.

The width of window sills in many old residential areas is relatively narrow (about 10 cm - 15 cm). In most cases, it is recommended to install flush with the inside or flush with the tile surface (about 2 cm in during installation, which can be flush with the chamfer of the tiles) flat, to avoid the trouble of tile flanging and closing).

This installation method can also avoid the appearance of tasteless window sills, and at the same time, the style is relatively simple, and there will be no trouble of cleaning dead ends.

Furthermore, if you need to install window sills, door and window covers and other decorative walls, you must explain the situation to both parties in advance, and let the merchants help you with experience and appropriate solutions.

The window sill at home is wider, so it is not limited to the problems of drip line and decorative surface. The installation position is moderate or as far as possible to the outside, so as to obtain a larger indoor space.

02. Special case of thermal insulation requirements

The second option for the location of the installation opening is to apply it under high thermal insulation requirements, different structures, walls with or without insulation, and different installation positions of doors and windows affect the thermal insulation coefficient of the openings of doors and windows:

If the high-performance doors and windows are installed by means of external hanging, it is detected that the thermal insulation performance is the best;

In the case of no insulation layer on the wall, the best performance is achieved when the door and window are installed in the middle of the brick wall structure; the best performance is achieved when the door and window are installed close to the indoor side when the wall is concrete;

In the case of a wall with an insulation layer, when the wall is of brick wall or concrete structure, the doors and windows are installed close to the outdoor side to perform the best performance, and the installation holes are different, and the gap is very obvious.

Although the analysis is based on "extreme data analysis and comparison" such as passive windows, walls without insulation, and walls with insulation layers that meet the K value standard of passive houses, it still has certain guiding significance for the installation of high-performance doors and windows in home decoration. of.

In particular, the method of installing doors and windows on the outside and trying to install them in the insulation layer will be more realistic than hanging installation and strengthening the insulation layer of the outer wall.

As far as the effect is concerned, although it is impossible to make a huge difference and the body feeling is obvious, it will definitely improve the performance of high-performance doors and windows.

03 Expectations and Forecasts

Not only the installation location, but also the development and research of the overall construction technology of home improvement doors and windows is still relatively small in the industry. As a closed loop of a "comfortable home", the status of doors and windows is only a supporting component, far less attention than floor heating, fresh air, and central air conditioning.