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Is the combination of glass with different thicknesses better for sound insulation?


Friend Y: I want more sound insulation for doors and windows. Is the sound insulation effect better if the thickness of the glass on both sides is different?

Baydee: I also support the combination of insulating glass with different thicknesses of glass. This has a theoretical basis, that is, when calculating the sound insulation band, the combination of different thicknesses will broaden the frequency band.

But it should be noted that when consumers are purchasing, choosing glass of different thicknesses is not the first factor for sound insulation of windows. From the perspective of glass purchase, consumers can choose according to the noise source at home, such as low-frequency noise from road traffic to choose laminated insulating glass, voices, square dance music and other medium and high-frequency noise to choose insulating glass... .. Then consider various upgrades and additions. First determine the framework as a whole and then optimize the details.

Friend A: Baydee, have you ever heard of alloy resin windows?

Baydee A: For alloy resin windows, consumers can understand it as plastic steel windows, "alloy ≈ steel lining", "resin ≈ plastic", taking off the coat of modifiers is helpful for understanding.

Friend B: I want to use low-e glass for the sunny roof of my house. Some merchants say that it is better to use nano glass?

Baydee answer: Baydee doesn’t know much about nano glass, but Baydee has heard of this term in early 19, but if the price is good and the effect is better than existing products, according to the development of the market, it should have become a home improvement door and window now. It is a product that is widely used in China, but it seems to be relatively small.

Baydee’s suggestion: If it’s the first home to renovate and replace windows, Baydee thinks that low-e glass, triple glass and two chambers, etc., which are commonly used in home decoration doors and windows, should be considered first to improve the insulation of windows. Thermal insulation will be more secure.

Friend C: When I asked about the material of the rubber strip, I heard that some merchants float on water. Which one is better, EPDM or EPDM?

Floating on the water? Regardless of whether it is called floating on the water or Qiu Qianren, just ask what the original material of the adhesive strip is, and the shape of the adhesive strip. These are the factors that affect whether the adhesive strip can play a long-term and effective effect on a window.

Friend D: Radiation cooling film can be used in the sun room. It is said that it is one of the top ten breakthrough technologies in physics in the world.

Baydee Answer: First of all, when I saw the word refrigeration, I thought it was not very reliable. Baydee still doesn’t know much about it. I have heard about the sunshade film that can be added later, but I still need to look up more information before I dare to share science with my friends.

Again, if there is no special and extremely high demand at home, don’t use the new XX products that you have heard of for no reason, without evidence, or ask the merchant to provide more detailed information and supply information, and take you to Visit the installed home and listen to the actual experience of other consumers. It is the first time to decorate a home or change windows for the first time. You must pay more attention to it. If you are not careful, your wallet will be empty.

Is there a front and back side for glass installation, how to distinguish

There is no front and back distinction when ordinary white glass is installed, and low-e glass and frosted glass must be distinguished.

When installing low-e glass, (the low-e film is generally in the hollow layer that is not in direct contact with the outside world), the low-e surface of domestic northern users is close to the indoor side, and the southern low-e surface is installed close to the outdoor side.

For single-layer frosted glass, the frosted surface should be installed on the indoor side, and the risk is controllable, because the exposed frosted surface may become transparent due to external force (the satyr sprays water on it or sticks a transparent glue). If it is hollow glass, the merchant is required to make the frosting on the inner side of the hollow layer or make it double-sided frosting, no matter which side is sprayed with water, don't panic.

How big a series can meet the needs of my family?

Overview of the situation: My friend Xiao M’s windows have relatively high requirements for heat insulation, sound insulation and airtightness. Most of the plans made by the merchants are large-scale series. Can they meet the demand?

Baydee: First of all, let’s look away from the entanglement in the size of the series. The performance of doors and windows is not directly proportional to the series. The larger the series, the performance is not necessarily better.

Almost all of the plans of Little M’s house are 136 series of outward-opening window screens, including a single piece of fixed glass. Seeing the corner structure of the window, (most of the windows with integrated screens have these problems), although the series is large, one is that a large part of the profile is to integrate the screen window into the window frame for the sake of appearance and function, so that the whole window can be seen It looks so thick, this part has almost zero impact on performance;

The second is to see its heat insulation strip, which is relatively narrow, and the isothermal layer is not on the same plane. The heat insulation effect may not be as good as some single windows we have seen. The heat insulation performance of broken bridge aluminum windows mainly depends on it. It is the width of the heat insulation strip; although the third one has three seals, the amount of overlap of the strips is insufficient, which will affect the sealing of the entire window.

Moreover, it is not necessary to use a large series of window screens to fix the entire glass alone. You can use 60, 65, 70 and other single windows, which can be equipped with three glass. If the salesman says ignorantly that small series like 60, 65, and 70 cannot be equipped with three glasses, it may be that the salesman wants to trick you into buying high-series products (to make money), or the products he represents are not particularly reliable.

Generally, a reliable factory can adapt different glass for this series during research and development, such as the thinnest glass is 10 mm to the thickest 40 mm, to design suitable and different types of glass pressing lines, including the thickness of the glue. To cooperate with the strips, so that the thickness of the glass is increased by 2mm, there are corresponding accessories available.

To compare performance differences between the two series, they must be products of the same model, the same brand, regular factories, and the same research and development concept. Just like doing a plant phototropism experiment, you must ensure that all conditions such as soil, plant species, and environment are consistent. Only one variable is natural light, darkness, or one-sided light, and you can conclude that plant growth is phototropic.

The factory generally increases the heat insulation performance by increasing the width of the heat insulation strip, and then adds a sealing structure on the basis of the widened heat insulation strip to improve the overall performance.

For example, we can see the structure diagram of the outward opening window of the same brand and factory in the picture below, the 65 series is wider than the 60 series heat insulation strip, and the shape of the heat insulation strip adopts C shape and T shape, and cooperates with the rubber strip at the same time , there is one more seal in the middle. In this case, the overall performance of the high-series doors and windows is improved.

What should I do if it hits the window handle if it is installed with King Kong mesh screens?

Friend Z: Baydee, I live on the 2nd floor, and I want to install vajra mesh screens, but the window handles in my home are so thick, will the screens hit me?

Baydee thought of three ways to prevent the inward-opening diamond mesh screen from hitting the window handle:

First, many window screen products are now diversified in order to meet the different needs of consumers. Just like doors and windows have different series, there are also large series, or some products will hollow out the handle to leave a space. This method requires consideration and preparation in advance, and the following two methods can be used as remedial measures.

Therefore, when the screen window owner comes to measure, he should remind him that the handle of your window is thick, and ask him if he has a suitable diamond mesh screen to match.

The second is to place a ring of square tubes of the same color between the window frame and the screen frame to avoid the thickness of the handle when installing the inner-opening gold-steel mesh screen window, which is relatively troublesome to operate.

The third is to replace the thick handle on the window with a suitable, thinner flat handle, the cost is relatively low, and the solution is faster.