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Precautions for daily maintenance of doors and windows


In the impression of most people, doors and windows are the existence of "wind and sun, rain and snow", which are so common that people habitually ignore them.

When it comes to the maintenance of doors and windows, not many people care about it. Every time Baydee thinks of this, he can't help but "cry sadly"~ It is said that car maintenance is common sense, and the nature of door and window maintenance is actually the same as it, which is by no means meaningless.

Today Baydee will talk about the maintenance of doors and windows, Let’s learn!

01 The importance of maintenance

I don't know if you have encountered these situations in your own home:

A good sliding window always has "inexplicable" freezes when sliding;

When the casement window is opened and closed, there will be a strange "creak" sound;

When in use, the handle parts of doors and windows are constantly shaking and loosening;

Or when the doors and windows are closed, the whistling wind can still be heard...

Thinking about it now, as long as the doors and windows do not affect the use, even if some minor problems are found, we directly choose to ignore these problems.

Behind seemingly "innocuous" problems such as air leakage from doors and windows, loose hardware, etc., perhaps no longer just bring inconvenience to life and affect normal use, but more hidden dangers.

At the extreme, even the risk of the sash becoming disjointed...

If we can pay more attention to the doors and windows in normal times, and start from the moment we discover the problem, we can effectively avoid accidents to a certain extent.

This is also what Baydee said, the maintenance of doors and windows is not a "useless effort".

02 Maintenance: Precautions for daily maintenance of doors and windows

Baydee came with small knowledge of door and window maintenance.

Let's start!

window cleaner

If it is difficult to wipe the glass at home, if there are large pieces of fixed glass, high-rise exterior windows and other tricky situations, we can use window cleaners.

Cleaning the glass has always been a housekeeping problem, especially in high-rise situations. It is a bit of a headache to want the glass to be clear and tidy, but now! With the window cleaning artifact (all treasures are sold, you can choose electric and manual), this is a "great" existence that is necessary for home travel~

crevice cleaning

Parts such as door and window tracks, grooves, and cracks are the places where dust and grit like to "commit" to gather. During the use of doors and windows, it is very easy to get stuck in the bottom of the window frame, causing scratches on the tracks and affecting normal use.

Cleaning the gaps between doors and windows may seem tricky, but it is not difficult: we can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove the gravel and dust that fall into the groove; Cut, the cut sponge can better clean the dirt in the crevice.

Regularly check important parts of doors and windows

In our daily life, regular inspections of important parts of doors and windows are indispensable.

Especially the load-bearing parts such as hinges and sliding braces of doors and windows, as well as the anti-fall ropes of outward-opening windows, the hardware in these parts is the last checkpoint to protect against the risk of fan falling.

As long as we can find their stability in time in our life, we can avoid the risk of fan failure to a certain extent, ensure safety, and make you and me happy.

Loose door and window screws

In addition to regular inspections of important parts of doors and windows, we cannot ignore the screws on the sliding stays.

There may be missing screw on the sliding support part. What we can do is to replace the missing parts, make up for the missed parts, and replace the loose parts with bigger and thicker screws.

In this way, the safety of doors and windows can be firmly stabilized.

If you want to do it yourself, Baydee recommends that you arrange a small helper with a power drill instead of a screwdriver. Of course, the best thing is to find a reliable master, once and for all.

Do not forget to brush oil

Brushing oil is an essential step for the Baydee team in the acceptance of doors and windows.

Such a simple step can make the hardware smoother during use and reduce the wear and tear of the hardware.

It should be noted that this oil is not the other oil (not goldfish! It is not engine oil! This kind of oil will stick to dust after use). We can choose sunroof lubricating oil or car lubricating oil, etc., and use a small brush or brush to apply it to the exposed hardware parts such as sliding braces and hinges, as well as the parts where the hardware has friction and contact with the hardware (hinges, lock points, etc. ) and you're done.

Some friends once said that the doors and windows at home will make a "squeaky" sound. If the sound is relatively mild, you can try to solve it by brushing oil.

03 Protection: Solve small problems of doors and windows

After talking about how to raise them, the next step is our highlight-how to protect them?

Let's show!

The handle always shakes

It's not good to feel that the door and window handles of your home are loose, and most of them are useless.

Ah, no, it's probably broken.

Baydee thinks that there are two possible causes of the above situation: one is that the screws on the fixed base are stressed for a long time (screw: unbearable weight of life + 1), resulting in loosening; the other is that the length of the screws on the fixed base is not enough.

The solution is also very simple: find the position of the fixing screw, and tighten the loose screw with a tool; if the length of the screw is not enough, just replace the long screw.

Here is an important point. It is not recommended to use long screws to fix the inner side close to the glass, because the inner side may hit the glass and cause the glass to shatter.

Exterior wall adhesive aging

The exterior wall glue is exposed to wind and rain year after year, eroded by ultraviolet radiation, aging and damage are inevitable.

The sealing between the window frame and the wall, along with the serious aging of the colloid, will lead to a sharp drop in the sealing ability of the doors and windows, causing air and rain leakage, which is a headache.

In this case, we can find a knowledgeable master to re-glue.

Sliding window air leakage

The sealing ability of sliding windows has always been its weak point, because there are too many possibilities for air leakage!

And the tools that can be relied on are only small tops. It is its existence that can better increase the seal between the fan and the frame.

If your own wool tops wear out in one to two years (this may be a bit exaggerated~), maybe you use "non-siliconized wool tops" (the lifespan is only 3-5 years), then Baydee's suggestion, you must look for wool tops "Silicified tops" (the service life can reach about 10 years, directly doubled!).

When we find that the wool top has come out of the groove, or is aging and deformed, it should be replaced in time.

The doors and windows are not locked tightly

The situation that the doors and windows are not locked tightly is the most unfriendly to friends in the lower floors.

When this happens, it is most likely caused by the sinking or tilting of the doors and windows. In addition to causing loose locks, it also affects the sealing of the doors and windows.

To solve this problem, we still need to rely on our dexterous hands-tune and you're done.

However, there are many forms of locking points and lock seats. Baydee only listed a few common ones, and it is still necessary for friends to analyze the specific situation.

The lock point and lock seat used in the picture below, we want to solve the problem of loose locking, mainly use a screwdriver and electric drill to "make a fuss" on the lock seat, and the lock point can be adjusted by slightly rotating the inner hexagon along the hole.

Or it is necessary to use the lock point lock seat adjusted by the inner hexagon. There is a hole on the lock block of its door and window frame, and the up and down position of the lock block can be adjusted with the inner hexagon; and there is also an adjustment hole on the lock point of the door leaf, and the left and right position of the lock point can also be adjusted with the inner hexagon.

Try several times until the lock seat is adjusted to the proper position, and the lock point in the lock box fits closely with it again, and it is ok~

Strip aging

If after the above-mentioned locking problem is solved, it can be felt that the sealing ability of the doors and windows is not good (always "leaking the wind").

We can try to open and close the doors and windows several times to see if the rebound ability of the sealing strip is good.

Some sealing strips are aging and falling off due to the service life. These are normal phenomena, and it is enough to replace them in time when problems are found.

Sinking and tilting of doors and windows

Frequent strange noises from doors and windows, lax locks, sash angles, and poor sealing during use are all related to the sinking and tilting of doors and windows.

There are many reasons for this problem: the breakage of inferior hardware, the failure to place or not properly place the glass spacers when installing the doors and windows, and the missing screws, all of which can lead to the failure of the doors and windows to be fixed better and cause sinking...

To solve the problem fundamentally, Baydee gives the following two suggestions: First, when installing the sash glass, we need to install the sash glass blocks diagonally as shown in the figure below.

Focus on keeping the weight of the glass on the hinge side, not under the handle, which is further away from the hinge.

Second, is fine-tuning hardware.

Take the inward-turning window that Baydee encountered as an example.

It is because the window sash has encountered a problem of sinking and the closure is not tight. By adjusting the diagonal rod on the inward-opening and inverting window with an inner hexagon, the door leaf can be slightly raised to a reasonable closed position after adjustment.

The above operations are somewhat difficult, it is best to contact the merchant or a professional master for on-site maintenance, and it is not recommended to do it yourself.

Door and window opening and closing, pushing and pulling

When you encounter this situation, don't use brute force to pull it hard. The correct way is to first check whether there is any deformation between the window frame and the window sash, or foreign objects are stuck.

After removing the foreign matter, try again. If the opening and closing are still stuck, let’s look at the hardware such as hinges and sliding braces to see if they are rusted and aged, or they are worn and stuck due to lack of lubrication. The specific situation is analyzed in detail.

Sliding windows will jam during use, and the problem often occurs on the pulleys.

The entire weight of the window sash is pressed on the pulley (the weight that life cannot bear + 2), the bearing of the pulley is broken due to long-term use, and the wheel cannot roll, so it naturally freezes.

Once there is a problem with the door and window pulley, it is difficult to solve it by your own ingenuity. It is king to contact the merchant in time or find a reliable master.

04 Final words

Door and window maintenance seems unnecessary, but if we can persist and maintain for a long time, the gain will definitely outweigh the effort! Friends are welcome to leave the door and window maintenance knowledge that you think is real and feasible in the comments, let's have a "no prize PK"~