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Bay window renovation in progress


01 Simple understanding of the bay window

The bay window is a common practice of building exterior windows, which aims to make full use of light, and by the way, "concave" the architectural shape:

She has been popular in China for many years, and there are always so many people paying attention to it. I personally think that one is because the developer is "good at interpreting", and the other is that we think in our hearts that we can imagine our home, look at the scenery, and yearn for peace of mind. pinned on her.

But I have to say that we are very likely to be blinded by the "birth conditions" that are too good.

In fact, it is difficult to escape the two "fates" of piling up debris and being difficult to use on the bay window sill at home.

Many "people who have come here" who have practical experience will tell you: "The bay window sill is too high and too wide to climb up and sit cross-legged. The floor is used for storage and is prone to mildew. The bed is fine, but only 1, 2, 3, 4... er, two or three times a year."

"However, it's good to put pajamas or ordinary clothes that you take off before going to bed, but you have to choose the season, you can't put it in winter, and the condensation on the windowpane every morning will make you wipe your hair!"

02 Two difficulties in bay window renovation

Difficulty 1: Difficult to dismantle and size the bay window sill

Before remodeling, you must first know whether the bay window sill at home can be smashed. The operability of the transformation that can be smashed is much greater. If it cannot be smashed, it can only be transformed on the basis of the original window sill.

Moreover, many users not only face the problem that the window sill cannot be smashed, but also the problem that the window sill is not ergonomic. It is difficult to think of what to do with a "half bed" window sill that is too high and too wide, and it has also stumped many designers:

After the standard was changed in 2014, there have been fewer deformed window sills in recent years, but the second difficulty has not been solved or is difficult to solve in most provinces and most communities in China.

Difficulty 2: The thermal insulation performance of windows is not good, and the partitions are ugly

Except for Guangzhou, Hainan and other places, the problem of condensed water in winter is the most obvious reason for the poor performance of bay window sill windows.

"One condensate is two rags, one condense is two rags!", "Hot bed, icy dew on the wall, red hands", these are the roars of life that can only be understood after experience.

It is not enough if the condensed water is not wiped. The condensed water will damage and rot the wooden window sill, the wall and the cabinet for a long time.

Like Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, there is also a summer sun exposure problem.

Assuming that the windows are well sealed and the profiles have good heat insulation performance, but most windows use relatively basic insulating glass, the poisonous western sun in summer will still burn the bay window sill and even the entire room.

As well as the separation of windows and the location of window openings, the developer's windows pay attention to safety, practicality and cost-effectiveness, but the separation style brought by unification is not suitable for individuals, and the problem of conflicts between window opening locations and home layout also exists objectively.

03 Avoid known bay window positions that are prone to problems

Planning and avoiding the position of the bay window before the renovation is prone to problems, such as:

Under the premise of window replacement, the single glass area can be selected according to the maximum size of the elevator, and ultra-clear glass can be used to improve the appearance of the glass; the partition form of the window frame should not be divided into equal parts, and the golden ratio of Panax notoginseng is more beautiful;
There is no need to set too many opening fans, especially for families with fresh air, you can try a more extreme opening method design; considering the difficulty of opening the window while climbing on the bay window sill, it is recommended to use inward opening and inversion windows for windows with high sealing requirements, which have low sealing requirements It is recommended to use a sliding window; the window handle can be selected to be properly downward, which is convenient for people to sit and open;
Considering the overall safety of the window, the thickness of the large glass must meet the standard; the vertical center stile of the window cannot be broken, and the height of the window is higher than 1.8 m. fight tube;
Considering thermal insulation performance, window replacement depends on window product structure, sealing performance and K value. It is recommended to choose single-silver Low-e insulating glass, triple-glass double-cavity, double-silver Low-e insulating glass, and filled glass in sequence according to requirements and budget. Argon, warm edge; if you do not want to change the position of window sill and window cover, it is not recommended to use wooden materials;
Considering the safety of opening the window, the waistline should be about 50 to 60 centimeters higher than the countertop, so as to prevent people from opening the window and peeking out; especially for children's rooms, you can also add diamond screens with locks, invisible screens with railings, Window limiter and other protective devices;
If there is no beam at home or the height of the beam is low, it is necessary to install the inside-opening window and the curtain box near the window at the same time. Pay attention to the height of the ceiling, and you can reduce the height of the window opening or add a fixed one;

The curtains of the bay window should pay attention to the problem of shading and storage. If the bay window is in the bedroom and the curtain is installed near the window, the curtain box must be pre-installed, otherwise there will be light leakage seams; the curved and other special-shaped bay windows and bay windows should be used as functional spaces. Yes, it is also recommended to install it near the window. You can make venetian blinds to make it more refreshing. The curtains are warm but don’t leave the hem too long; the curtains are relatively simple to install against the wall, and the room looks bigger;
I live in the south and the floor is low, so don't use the floor as a "tatami storage". It sounds like a multi-purpose universal function, but it can't stop the rainy season;
Try not to use tiles on the window sills, and the tiles are not good-looking; the marble is too cold to sit on, and you can buy "custom cushions" online;
Wall lamps, ceiling lamps, downlights, etc. need to be wired in advance; if the bay window is used as a living scene, sockets must be reserved;

04 The transformation direction of the bay window

After talking about the preliminary preparations for the renovation of the bay window, let me talk about the direction of the bay window transformation that I think is more suitable:

The bay window sill can be smashed;
Circle the key points of the transformation, you can choose the color if you have a color, and create practicality if you don’t have a color, or you can directly find your favorite network map for "reproduction";
Integrate bay windows into common functional areas: entertainment, reception, office, etc.;
The main material is carefully selected, and the small objects are aesthetically pleasing;

05 bay window & bedroom & desk

The bay window of this friend's house is a study room, and the bay window is along the river, so I plan to decorate this location into the "most beautiful" office area:

Because the window sill cannot be smashed, and we don’t want to waste the beautiful scenery along the river, we increased the height of the original platform of about 50 cm and customized a table board integrated with the window sill. The window glass is Low-e insulating glass made of ultra-clear glass. The left side is designed with no corners for easy viewing. The right side of the window is opened inwards to minimize the trouble of opening and closing the window.

The programmer's romance was finally realized. In the afternoon (note: night), Jiang Feng and the couple typed codes together.

There are two other details of "window sill making a table": the general window sill height is only about 50 cm, and the standard table height is 75 cm; because the window sill cannot be dismantled, the table board is extended by 20 cm, and the legs are bent.

"Window sill to make a table" should be planned according to the size of the bay window sill, whether the window sill can be removed, and the function of the table:

06 Bay window & bedroom & storage extension

The location of the bay window of this friend’s house is the daughter’s room. The room is not big, and the daughter is at the youngest age. Therefore, the bay window is an extension of the “viewing platform” and the functional area for learning and storage:

Because the floor cannot be smashed, I simply built a storage staircase under the window sill, which not only avoids the embarrassment that the bay window sill is too high and difficult to climb and sit, but also climbs up the stairs in leisure time, and can enjoy the most prosperous Hangzhou without corner windows on the right scene.

The way to extend the bay window should be planned according to the type and size of the room, the size of the bay window sill, and whether the window sill can be removed:

07 Bay window & ultimate appearance

If you want me to say that if the scenery outside the window is good, bay windows can try to break through the conventional separation method, and if you want to do it, you can be the most beautiful boy in the whole building.

For example, the small bay window sill can be used to open the whole side of the window sash. Baydee has not done this type of case himself, but he has seen cases similar to "bay window & bar counter" on the Internet before, and it is also very amazing and lifelike.

However, in general, the widest opening fan can only be about 1 m. If it is wider, you can try the effect of horizontally placing the window sash, or ask the merchant to find a more advanced hardware brand.

If the larger position on one side floats out, it can be fixed at the bottom and opened at the top:

You can try the way of separating the upper and lower parts, the appearance is good, but don't make it fixed at the top and open at the bottom, otherwise it will not be safe enough and it will easily hit the window sill.

For those with windows on multiple sides, you can make a whole piece of fixed glass on the front, and open on both sides:

However, the latter two solutions sacrifice the ventilation effect (the side does not necessarily have a head-on wind) and convenience (the window is definitely not reachable by hand) in order to pursue the appearance value to a certain extent. Friends should choose according to their discretion.

This is the end of the introduction of the bay window renovation plan. Let me add a final sentence: If you have a bay window in your home and an invincible view outside the window, come to Baydee to help you do it for free~