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Sliding doors have new knowledge


When it comes to sliding doors and windows, what do you guys think of?

Is it the convenience of life it brings, or its own super high cost performance?

01 New forces of sliding doors and windows

In fact, when the little assistant was still "sorrowful for spring and autumn", the world of sliding windows has been expanding, and it is no longer just the "simple" appearance in her memory!

In this era of "beautiful appearance", sliding windows are making progress secretly, why should we not work hard!

Do you think the evolutionary stage of sliding windows is over? Of course not~ (Sliding doors and windows: it's time to show real technology!)

The rising forces of so many sliding doors and windows mostly occupy the characteristics of unique appearance and high value, which happens to fill in the "gap of appearance" that some people pursue in the home improvement door and window market, and it is easy to win the favor of young people.

However, is this new force of sliding windows really as perfect as it looks?

Baydee shook his head when he heard this, but don't be "blinded" by their good looks.

02 Advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors and windows

Although there are many styles of sliding doors and windows on the market, the one that currently occupies the center position is still the double-track left and right sliding sliding windows. (Classic is eternal~)

Under the unpretentious appearance, it has two advantages: easy to use (does not take up indoor space, and maintains a relatively wide field of vision, and is more convenient to install the screen window) and cheap (simple structure, uncomplicated manufacturing process). It has a high cost performance.

Although it still bears the "fatal defect" of poor sealing performance caused by the use of wool strips for sealing, it still cannot shake its position as the big brother in the world of sliding doors and windows.

Baydee adds here that the performance of double-track sliding windows can reach the level of casement windows or inward-opening windows, but the cost is much higher than the latter.

And not all of these new forces are competitive enough to stand on the shoulders of "big brother" to truly learn from each other's strengths.

Baydee personally does not recommend that you buy frameless folding sliding doors and windows as outdoor doors and windows.

Frameless folding sliding doors and windows have the advantages of high appearance and good ventilation, but because there are gaps between the glass, most of them use a single piece of tempered glass, which is not as good as ordinary sliding doors and windows in terms of sound insulation and sealing The passing line is not enough).

If you must choose a similar style outdoors, it is recommended to choose a framed one.

As for the sliding window up and down, it changes the opening method of the ordinary folding sliding window and converts it into opening up and down.

Baydee thinks that this type of sliding window is not suitable for home decoration, because the stability and safety factors cannot be guaranteed, but it is quite suitable for low-rise shops. (The face value is exploding, so it is more suitable for "checking in")

Friends who love film and television dramas should be familiar with American sliding windows.

Although it is the same as the sliding window, it adopts the opening method of opening up and down, but the structure of the two is different: the window frame of the sliding window tightly wraps the window sash, and the window sash is closely attached to the window frame, improving the sealing performance. Great improvement.

If we want to talk about the disadvantages, it should be that the window sash area should not be too large, otherwise the weight will be too large, which is not conducive to lifting use, and the applicable space in home decoration is limited.

Inverted sliding doors and windows can also better solve the problem of poor airtightness of ordinary sliding windows.

In the inverted state, it can complete the interaction between indoor and outdoor air, and at the same time, it can also prevent rain, strong wind, and bear children...

However, it is expensive and the window sash design should not be too large, making it unable to be widely used in home decoration.

As for our sliding door contestants, the AB door can be opened horizontally and pushed and pulled. It combines the advantages of the two opening methods in one. The extra convenience will naturally increase the cost and the application is not wide enough. .

The last "heavyweight" player lifts the sliding door, which is mostly used in villas, townhouses and other scenes (it can be used as a partition of a larger area). It is an upgraded version of the common sliding door, with thicker profiles, larger glass, and better anti-theft performance. , sealed with rubber strips, the airtightness and watertightness are doubled.

Of course the price is better too~

03 Sliding doors and windows have new knowledge, points for attention when purchasing

This is not the point of knowledge that everyone is most concerned about:

At present, sliding windows on the door and window market have become dazzling, and the prices are also very different.

So, as consumers, how should we choose this "ordinary" sliding window?

(1) Those things about sliding doors and windows and sealing

It is not impossible to use sealing rubber strips on sliding doors and windows, but the performance requirements of the rubber strips are extremely high, and the cost is several times higher than that of wool strips.

Since wool tops can meet the most basic requirements for door and window sealing, merchants naturally choose wool tops to save worry and effort. What do you mean by performance?

Sorry, "I" don't care.

When purchasing ordinary sliding doors and windows, remember what Baydee said: there are three treasures for sealing sliding windows, tops, windproof blocks and drainage holes are covered.

Wool tops: First, let’s see if there are any wool tops on the sliding window (if there are no wool tops on the sliding windows, you don’t need to say anything, just block the store); secondly, check whether the wool tops you wear are qualified: if the wool tops are too short or too long Not good, it should be just stuck in the profile, tightly fit, "seamless"; finally, the material of the wool top must be siliconized wool top.

Windproof block: In addition to wool strips, you also need an artifact—windproof block to reduce the "loopholes" of sliding windows.

It is installed at the position of the upper and lower tracks where the sliding doors and windows overlap, which can reduce the air leakage from the track.

Drainage holes: As the point that we are most likely to overlook, the drainage holes are the same as the tops. First, let’s see if the sliding windows bought from the merchants are “reluctant” to provide drainage holes. After confirming that there is no problem with the drain hole, check whether there is a drain hole cover. A drain hole cover or a more advanced "hidden drainage" can effectively solve the "light wind" of the sliding door.

(2) Sliding doors and windows and insulation strips

I believe that as a loyal fan of Baydee, you should know this knowledge point: if you want to buy doors and windows with good performance, you must have a guarantee for heat insulation strips.

But before purchasing sliding doors and windows, we must make it clear that the heat insulation strips of sliding doors and windows are generally narrow, which can only meet the general heat insulation performance (in other words, the performance of sliding windows is not our first choice when purchasing. ).

Of course, the performance of sliding doors and windows with heat insulation strips is definitely better than without, but we don’t have to worry too much about the width, narrowness, fat and thinness of the heat insulation strips. After all, the biggest advantage of sliding doors and windows is ease of use, not superior performance.

If you want to push and pull doors and windows to have higher and better performance, it is a bit "difficult to have strong windows".

(3) Flat track and high and low track

This is a small detail of "billion": when purchasing sliding windows, we must look for the high and low rails.

The high track is close to the interior, and the low track is close to the outside. The design of the track is also for indoor waterproof considerations (this design makes drainage easier and prevents water leakage caused by rainwater accumulating in the track).

But in the purchase of general sliding doors, it is different~ We'd better choose flat rails.

The reason for this choice is firstly that it is installed indoors without the trouble of drainage problems, and secondly, it is convenient for the elderly or young children at home to reduce potential safety hazards.

(4) Three-track and double-track sliding doors and windows

A friend once expressed such doubts: "When buying sliding windows, the merchant keeps recommending three-track sliding windows. Is the three-track sliding window really as good as he said?"

As for Baydee, no matter how hype the merchants make, but the three-track sliding window can not only improve the indoor ventilation, but if it is from the same manufacturer and the same series, it is actually almost the same as the double-track sliding window in terms of other performance. .

One thing is for sure, the application of the three-rail profile has become more, so the cost is also UP UP.

If you encounter these situations in home decoration, you can consider choosing three-track sliding doors and windows: first, when the window sash needs to be opened; The railings of the balcony cannot be removed, but the property requires the upper doors and windows to be aligned with the railings, so it is more suitable to use three rails.

(5) Load bearing of sliding doors and windows

If we want to know whether the structure of the whole sliding window is good or bad, we can try to judge by asking about the condition of the glass when purchasing. "Boss, what is the maximum weight of your single window sash?"

Because the higher the load-bearing capacity of a single pane of glass, the better the quality of the sliding window and the better its structure.

(6) Purchase new sliding doors and windows

Although the application of new sliding doors and windows in home decoration is not very common, the point of purchase is "everything changes", and the three major categories of profiles, glass, and hardware are firmly grasped.

We should not rely too much on brands to select profiles, and pay attention to the formal sources of profiles.

We need to keep an eye on it, and we can show the professional appearance of Baydee fans and ask the merchant: how is the craftsmanship of the glass? Which is the deep processing factory of glass? Do you have proof photos?

As for auxiliary materials such as hardware, you can believe in the power of the brand. International brands such as Noto, HOPPE, Gewu, and Sigiriya, or domestic brands such as HOPO, Jianlang, Lixing, Hehe, Chunguang, and Guoqiang are all good choices.

(7) Different purchases for different needs

The installation position of sliding doors and windows also has "university". Sometimes the two-level reversal of advantages and disadvantages may be in an instant.

Ordinary sliding windows are synonymous with high cost performance. If they are installed on the washing balcony, they can maximize their advantages (convenient for drying), but if they are installed in the bedroom, it may affect work and sleep; and the folding sliding doors and windows mentioned above ( Regardless of whether it has a frame or no frame), it is not suitable for outdoor installation due to performance problems, but if it is installed indoors, these "disadvantages" are not relevant; American-style sliding windows can be used in home decoration, but the window sash area should not be too large , leading to a limited range of installation, this will also make us tangled for a long time before buying.

In the selection of sliding doors and windows for home decoration, we can also install ordinary sliding doors and windows in places with relatively low requirements, such as bathrooms and kitchens; Home partition.

If the purpose of enclosing the balcony is to expand it into a living space, sliding doors and windows with poor structure are obviously not very suitable. If you want to install sliding doors and windows in the living space with high demand, then you must choose a good configuration.

04 Final words

In fact, having said so much, Baydee thinks the most important purchasing advice is to hope that everyone can consider their own needs before buying. Do you really need this kind of doors and windows, and do you value the convenience and performance it can bring? Or do you place an order just because of your appearance?

The above is all the content of this issue. I don't know if the friends who read this have any new understanding of sliding doors and windows.