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Would you choose intelligent doors and windows?


Let's follow Baydee today to see how doors and windows will perform in this smart home era.

01 Windows and doors Versailles

Imagine if "you"'s day started like this, entering the Versailles literary moment together:

A mysterious force came from the mattress and awakened all my bodily functions.

At the same time, the intelligent blackout curtains are slowly opened, and the intelligent dimming glass automatically changes the light transmittance of the glass surface with the change of outdoor light, so that it is no longer disturbed by the glare of the sun.

The fresh air from the doors and windows in the room is working quietly. According to the quality of the indoor air, it automatically adjusts and manages to deliver the most suitable gas content for the current environment, just to bring me the most comfortable enjoyment.

When you come to the living room, you naturally have to stand in front of the window with a cup of coffee to admire the mountains and rivers you have built. The smart sunshade system senses the continuous intensity of outdoor light, and then slowly lowers the sunshade, which is convenient and comfortable.

It was finally time to go out.

Walk forward chicly, without worrying about whether you have closed the door properly or forgot to bring the key.

Because when it senses that people are leaving, it will automatically close and lock quietly, and at the same time, the opening method has long been out of the traditional mode, and it can be operated with a mobile phone APP.

Even Maoyan has unique functional equipment. The matching doorbell is connected to the mobile phone. When someone presses the doorbell, the mobile phone will receive relevant reminders and can directly communicate with that person.

At the moment of closing the door, the security system of the home is also ready to be called at any time.

Once the infrared sensor detects that an intruder is approaching, it will automatically send out an alarm. If you continue to approach, the alarm sound will continue to increase. When the message is sent to "your" mobile phone at the first time, the automatic alarm setting will be activated.

Just a few steps out of the house, the sky suddenly changed, with wind and lightning. What should I do if I still have traditional doors and windows installed in my home? Of course I hurried home and closed the window.

But I'm different, no need to turn around and go home. The wireless wind and rain sensing system in the smart doors and windows will automatically close the doors and windows when it senses that the amount of wind and rain reaches a certain level.

If there is an accidental fire in the room, or there is a different kind of smoke (indoor carbon dioxide is too high), the safety index setting for the gas is triggered, and the doors and windows will be linked to open the exhaust air by itself.

Well, the first issue of "Fanxue" story will end!

02 The strange brain hole of smart door and window developers

Having been described by Baydee, are you already addicted to this ideal life?

NO ~ The above-mentioned door and window functions are no longer "ideal", but actually appear in the current process of door and window intelligent system.

In addition, smart doors and windows that can eliminate noise are also under development, and normal transparent friction smart doors and windows that further protect privacy are still in the experimental stage...

Hey, although technology has made everything possible, but the brains of some merchants are too big, then Baydee is going to complain (no, it’s a spur to everyone’s love).

Some merchants claim that as long as they touch the touch glass of smart doors and windows, the weather conditions of the day or the next few days will be displayed on the window sash instantly.

But it seems that the mobile phone around me can complete this function, right? Especially go to the doors and windows to check the weather, this... has a sense of future technology.

Speaking of this sense of technology, Baydee suddenly remembered that when he saw a business promotion, he could watch TV programs through his doors and windows.

Through voice control, the glass can be turned into a TV. If the whole house is equipped with the same brand of smart doors and windows, it can also realize the home theater mode of the whole house~

But I imagined it in my mind, watching videos facing the doors and windows every day... This scene always feels weird.

There are also smart doors and windows that detect that their windows are not closed properly, and will automatically send this message to the mobile APP.

You say this function is not working, but you think it is still useful. But if you can send messages to your mobile phone, can't you let the doors and windows have the function of automatic opening and closing?

It is already a mature door and window, and we must learn to grow by ourselves.

Also, a courier boy appeared at the door, stayed for a long time, and the alarm started to ring non-stop.

The mobile phone receives a series of notification tones, which is really a headache...

So, some merchants really don’t want to rush the heat of “intelligence”, and should think more about consumers, whether they really need these “pseudo-demands”.

03 Focus points of smart doors and windows

A friend once asked questions about the intelligentization of doors and windows. Is the intelligentization of doors and windows popular among the public?

Baydee feels that no matter how the public accepts intelligence, this is an unavoidable trend in the future.

But compared to the excitement of smart toilets and smart TVs, the doors and windows seem too deserted.

As a single product carrying "intelligence" in the smart home, many possibilities in the future are also waiting to be "discovered", but you have to say that it can be widely used in recent years and become a smart speaker. Such a universal existence is obviously impossible.

For the door and window manufacturers currently engaged in intelligentization, what problems are they facing?

1. Consumer groups are limited

Doors and windows are an essential option for housing construction. For ordinary consumers, there are already doors and windows installed by developers in their homes, and there is no need to replace windows in the whole house. This has led to the narrowing of the market for smart doors and windows in high-end residential buildings. plate, it is difficult to obtain wider development.

2. The circuit is complex and maintenance is difficult

Baydee also said that as an ordinary consumer, even if he is interested in smart doors and windows, he will stop at it in the face of high prices and the need to replace windows in the whole house.

Moreover, it is an immature technology to ensure the reasonable distribution of lines and the meticulousness of construction in home decoration. When the intelligent doors and windows fail, the complexity and cost of maintenance will increase. Invisible consumption also prevents the public from quickly accepting this new type of doors and windows.

3. There is still a deviation from the "intelligence" envisioned by the public

Many door and window manufacturers will promote "smart" as a gimmick when selling, but manual remote control is still required in the actual operation process. More products are only "electric" rather than "smart". Expectations are off.

Most of the smart experience we envision is that we can customize product attributes according to our own needs, or that the product itself has acquired the ability to "independently think" and adjust functions according to the surrounding environment. The more expected intelligence can give us Bring a "lazy fool" application experience.

Therefore, Baydee believes that it is still necessary to strengthen the promotion of its own intelligent brand, expand and stabilize product strength, expand the direction of development, and realize real intelligence.

4. In some functions, achieve a real improvement of "intelligence"

For example, we mostly use shutters and dimming glass.

For the research and development of dimming glass, there are now functional dimming glass that can adjust the transparency of the glass according to indoor lighting and solar radiation, and protect indoor privacy.

However, in terms of sunshade, electric is still the main method. Perhaps in this regard, the sunshade system can also realize the opening and closing function according to the outdoor weather conditions.

In the market, even a small clothes rail no longer only has manual, button, remote control and other control functions, but also has added voice capabilities, and all functions can be realized by commands alone.

If we can link the smart doors and windows with the smart clothes rail in a dream, and even such details are covered with the shadow of "intelligence", it must not be far away from our dream of realizing the smart home in the whole house...

So, what do you think?