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Pay attention to 3 aspects of sound insulation for doors and windows


When consumers are shopping, they may encounter some merchants who say: "The glass is the original film of such and such a big factory, "some modifiers that are extremely exaggerated are omitted here", I recommend you to use three glasses and two glasses. The sound insulation effect will be better if the glass has a single cavity, but this triple glass and two cavity glass is too thick, you need 108 / 118 / 130 series windows to fit in...”

Some words are true, but one point is also overlooked: before choosing the glass configuration, we should pay attention to the airtightness of the window after the window is closed.

There are many windows that cannot solve the problem of road noise even with laminated insulating glass or even higher glass. The sound will always "drill" in from this crack, this crack, and crack of the window "while you are not paying attention", no matter how good or expensive the glass is, it will not help.

Therefore, we believe that the sound insulation of doors and windows should do a good job in the following three aspects, and there must be no shortage at all.

(1) After the windows are closed, there must be sufficient airtightness, and there should be no seams that leak air or light. If there are seams, sound will come in.

What about sealing? Look at the structure of the product itself, is there three seals? Whether there are any seams that can leak air; second, check whether the workmanship of the product is good or not, and whether the details are in place, you can go to the manufacturer for inspection; third, check the quality of the supply chain of hardware, auxiliary materials, glass, etc. A good supply chain can ensure the sealing performance of windows Play a lasting and effective role.

(2) The glass configuration must meet the standard. The hollow laminated three-layer glass can block the medium and low frequency noise of road traffic, and the hollow glass can play the role of isolating the medium and high frequency noise such as talking square dance speakers. Reasonable selection of glass according to the noise source ;

(3) During the installation process, the seams around the window frame and when the window frames are spliced ​​should be filled with foaming agent, and then sealant should be applied on the outside to caulk the seams, and no seams should be left.

Insert a small installation tip: After the expansion screw is installed, the internal foaming agent is flattened, and the wooden blocks around the window frame for auxiliary installation should be removed, and the foaming agent should be filled. Because the wooden blocks are not removed or are removed when the tiles are installed later (there are gaps), the sound insulation effect will be affected to some extent.

1. What is the strengthening center? what's the effect?

The middle stilt plays a role in the "wind resistance performance of doors and windows". When the size of the doors and windows becomes larger, if the length of the side remains the same, the effect of the central support will be weakened, just like an extended version of chopsticks, causing the doors and windows to become "soft" when the wind blows.

Strengthening the center stance is to change the original function of the center stance from "a chopstick" to "a pair of chopsticks", thereby improving the wind pressure resistance of doors and windows (the center stance will not bend when a typhoon blows), and at the same time improving the safety performance of closing the window (Close the doors and windows without shaking).

For series like 60 and 65, there is a high probability that there will be shaking at a height of more than 1.34 meters. The strengthening of the middle truss can reduce the shaking and can greatly improve the stability of the window when the window is opened and closed, especially if the height exceeds 1.8. The windows of the meter should be reinforced.

If the windows in your home are very high and wide, some merchants may recommend you to make high-series windows, such as integrated window screens. It may be because they do not have a supporting center stilt that can be used to match, and use the stacking of high-series products as a whole , to improve the safety of doors and windows, or to cover up possible problems such as workmanship and supply chain deficiencies in the product.

Therefore, we believe that the "input-output ratio" of strengthening Zhongting is very prominent. For consumers, whether Zhongting has been strengthened is a simple "evaluation standard" for "good doors and windows", which can reflect the business's certain reliability. Spectrum and professional level, instead of blindly telling you to use high-series windows (the wider the series, the more materials used as a whole, and the materials will also cost more money).

2. Can the window meet the performance requirements from the sample angle structure?

Baydee: First of all, determine what your home needs are. Do you need the performance of doors and windows or the integrated function of window screens like the one shown in the picture? The merchant marked so many numbers that we think it is a gimmick. Many windows with integrated screens have a similar structure, and there is nothing different.

Assuming that the demand for windows in the home is heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc., Baydee thinks that this window cannot be well met, because even if this window has 1, 2, 3... 17, 18, 19 so many cavities, However, there are gaps in the structural design itself that may leak air.

Seeing the area in the green box in the picture above, there is usually a drainage hole here, and there is no "blocking" design in the cavity, and there are inevitably gaps between the metal and the metal. We originally wanted to The wind, sound, heat, water, etc. that need to be blocked through the window may directly enter the room through this "channel".

3. Is it really bad to have integrated window screens?

There are many, many window and screen integrated products on the door and window market in various places that are on sale or promoted by merchants. There are also reliable bosses (recommended according to your needs), and there are also those whose primary purpose is to make money (no matter what the demand is, we recommend window and screen integration). In the process of answering questions for fans, I also felt deeply touched.

The frame shared by the screen window and the window is attractive. King Kong mesh can not only solve the ventilation demand but also provide protection against theft (especially for low floors), and save consumers the effort of purchasing screen windows. These advantages are indeed exciting.

But Baydee is about performance, appearance, and pragmatism. Our logic believes that compared with the single window, the screen integrated window of the same brand is 500 yuan higher in price, but the performance improvement is limited or not as good as the single window. The improvement in appearance is not much, Baydee will be more willing to spend money on improving performance and practicality, if the family has requirements for window performance.

Because whether we are in some factories, exhibitions, stores, or answering questions for friends, we have seen many window screens with integrated window structures similar to those mentioned in the above question. When combined with screen windows, drainage, windproof, and watertightness are lost. Some heat insulation strips will not be able to play the role of heat insulation bridge due to shortening.

Turning point——In recent years, not only mobile phones and computers have been updated and iterated, but door and window products have also been iteratively improved. Recently, I have seen a lot of screen-integrated windows with a structure like the one below. Baydee thinks that it is quite good compared with the screen-integrated structure above.

Therefore, windows with integrated screens are not useless. Can you choose them? We believe that we must clarify our needs before purchasing, so that we can know whether the product is suitable. The money spent on a product that suits us is called the value of money. purchase.