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How to install windows?


What needs to be done to install windows?

Home decoration, the selection and installation of windows are also very important. It is a barrier to our home safety and an important indicator of our later stay comfort. So what problems should we pay attention to when installing? Baydee uPVC Profile teaches you to do a few installation steps, one step without worries.

First measure the size

The measurement of the size of the window is particularly important. It does not mean that you can use a ruler to measure it casually. It requires an experienced person to come to the door to measure it. Only in this way can the normal installation of the windows be ensured. If there is an error in the size, the result is likely to cause gaps in the windows, air leakage and rain leakage.

Fix the bracket

First, fix the bracket with the fixing plate. Before installing the window, you need to clean the internal test wall base layer. You can put the window in and try to see if there is any stuck position, so that it is easy to clean up in time. There is also work on punching and securing. Nowadays, screws and plastic expansion pins are generally used for fixing, and the work of this fixing point is indispensable.

Another method is to use expansion bolts for fixing. The length of the bolts is about ten centimeters, but the specific conditions of the wall should also be tested. The length of the window still needs to be increased, about 12 cm in length, so that the window can be installed more firmly.

Double check that the windows are installed correctly

When the window is installed, it is connected to the hole. After the connection is completed, check whether the window is correct. If it is not correct, it needs to be reinstalled.

In fact, the installation skills of windows are very important. If the installation is not correct, or the installation is correct, but it is found to be more and more crooked during use, it still needs to be reinstalled, otherwise it may also leak air and rain. Happening.


After the position of the window is adjusted, start to apply styrofoam. After the styrofoam is laid, it will take about two or three hours to wait. After the styrofoam gradually solidifies, then remove the excess styrofoam, otherwise will affect the appearance.

Other accessories for installing windows

The window frame of the window is very important, but it does not mean that the window frame is installed, the window sash also needs to be installed, and there are some accessories.

Apply the sealant

Sealant is the last step in installing windows, mainly to seal all the gaps, so that there is no need to worry about rain and air leakage in rainy, snowy and windy weather.

In the above introduction, Baydee uPVC Profile mainly tells you what are the window installation steps, you can familiarize yourself with it first, and then directly follow these steps when installing the window.