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Several misunderstandings in the renovation of home improvement doors and windows


Home windows and doors renovation is a very important procedure in the renovation of home improvement. Choosing good doors and windows can not only add color to the appearance of a comfortable home, but also bring good ventilation and lighting conditions to people, so it should not be underestimated in home decoration. Baydee uPVC Profile takes you to take a look at the things we need to pay attention to in the transformation of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and see what common misunderstandings are.

Home windows and doors renovation, be careful of these misunderstandings:

It's good to seal the balcony, but there must be a way

Many owners are willing to seal the balcony and then transform it into a kitchen. In fact, the idea is that the latter can make full use of the indoor space, but in fact, after the decoration, you will find that the lighting and ventilation are much worse than before, and the smell of cooking fumes cannot be discharged at all. Outside the window, even if you open the window, the oil stains cover the entire window for a long time, which is very difficult to clean.

the right way

After the balcony is closed, it should be directly connected to the living room. First of all, the most important thing for the family is to have good lighting and open vision to have a good mood. At the same time, the editor thinks that it is really not recommended to transform the closed balcony into a kitchen. If the original room type is not very well ventilated, it is recommended to make a closed kitchen, and then install a sliding door and window with a narrow frame, which can greatly reduce the separation effect and reduce the sense of depression.

Doors and windows do not need to be replaced

The doors and windows of the home are still new and do not need to be replaced, which can save unnecessary costs. However, the hidden dangers of aluminum alloy doors and windows are not so easy to see with the naked eye, so it is recommended that doors and windows should be replaced during renovation projects.

the right way

In home decoration, if the doors and windows are removed, it is easy to damage the indoor and outdoor walls. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the doors and windows first, and then carry out the home improvement construction. Consumers should clearly choose the right brand profiles. Because the quality and quality of the profile will largely determine the grade and service life of the entire door and window, it is necessary to avoid being fooled by the manufacturer when purchasing profiles, and to buy fake and inferior profiles, do not be greedy for petty cheap. It is recommended to go to a regular shopping mall to buy, which is more guaranteed in the quality of the profiles.

Refurbished wooden doors and windows with paint

Many consumers believe that the refurbishment of wooden doors and windows in their homes can be achieved by simply applying fresh paint on the surface. If there are only a few scratches and the base layer is not damaged, you can choose to repaint for renovation.

the right way

If the doors and windows have peeling, deformation and other problems, it means that the wood itself has changed, and the simple painting process can no longer be carried out, but the problem areas need to be removed and redone.

In fact, as long as you know more about the relevant door and window information, you will not take a detour. Through the brief introduction of the Baydee uPVC Profile, I believe you have understood it, and we will continue to share the knowledge of doors and windows in the future.