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What should be paid attention to in the insulation of doors and windows?


1. Thermal insulation Looking at the thermal insulation strip, it is not necessarily that the larger the series, the more thermal insulation.

As an important part of the energy saving of doors and windows, thermal insulation strips not only determine the thermal insulation effect of doors and windows, but also determine the application experience of doors and windows. Generally speaking, more than 50% of the building energy loss is lost through doors and windows, and the heat insulation strips, which only account for about 4% of the cost of doors and windows, control more than 50% of the heat insulation effects of doors and windows. The importance of thermal insulation strips is self-evident, but it does not mean that the larger the value of the window series, the better the thermal insulation effect. The larger the series, the better the thermal insulation is only relative, only the wider the thermal insulation strip, the better the thermal insulation effect of the whole window is absolute. In the K value of doors and windows, the influence of frame fans (aluminum profiles) accounts for 20%-30%. Increasing the width of thermal insulation strips is an important method to improve the thermal insulation capacity of doors and windows.

2.the main force of heat preservation also depends on glass, and low-e glass is more suitable.

As we all know, the area of ​​a door and window glass accounts for about 65-75% of the door and window area, or even higher, so the effect of glass on the thermal insulation performance of the entire window is also increasing. Today, door and window glass has gradually developed from traditional properties such as lighting, wind shielding, and rain shielding to composite properties such as heat insulation, heat preservation, safety, noise prevention, and decoration. We can match doors and windows in glass types such as insulating glass, three-glass two-chamber, Low-e insulating glass, and Low-e three-glass two-chamber to enhance the overall thermal insulation effect.

3.the doors and windows are well sealed, and the isotherm is sealed with adhesive strips.

The thermal insulation performance of doors and windows is closely related to the overall sealing performance of doors and windows, and the difference in sealing performance of doors and windows depends on the quality of the rubber strip and the way of penetration, as well as whether there is an isotherm of the same straight line inside the profile. When the hot and cold air is exchanged inside and outside the doors and windows, the two broken bridges are in the same straight line, which is more conducive to forming an effective cold-hot bridge barrier, which can reduce the conduction of cold and heat in the air. It is worth mentioning that filling the profile cavity structure with thermal insulation materials can also improve the overall thermal insulation performance of doors and windows. The principle is to fill the cavity between the glass and the profile, the heat insulation strip and the heat insulation strip, to reduce the exchange speed of cold and hot air between the cavity.

4. the sealing and insulation also depends on the installation, and it should be carefully checked after gluing.

After the doors and windows are installed on the wall, it is necessary to fill the gap between the wall and the window frame with sealant to ensure the overall sealing, waterproof and thermal insulation effect of the doors and windows. In addition, the application of sealant needs to pay attention to the appearance and uniformity, and the filling is full. If the workers are found to be unsightly, they should be asked to re-gluing in time.