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What are the door and window profiles? Which are better?


Many people have a headache when choosing materials when decorating. There are many types of materials on the market for doors and windows. Everyone is more cautious in purchasing this product. Because doors and windows have to withstand the wind and the sun, try to choose reliable quality ones when purchasing. If you want to choose a good door and window, you must have an understanding of the profiles. Let’s take a look at the doors and windows. What are the profiles.

1. What are the classification of door and window profiles?

1. The frequently used door and window profiles are aluminum alloy profiles, wood profiles, plastic profiles, steel profiles and glass profiles. Wooden doors and windows are easy to manufacture and suitable for manual production. It is a model that has been popularized and selected in the past. Steel doors and windows have strong hardness, small cross-section, less shading, and fire resistance. Through continuous improvement of steel door and window materials, a variety of specifications and series products are produced. There are two most commonly used door and window materials in most families, one is aluminum alloy material, and the other is plastic steel material. These two materials have a particularly high penetration rate in the market.

2. There are many profiles on the market now, but there are only two types of profiles for which the state has formulated national standards: plastic steel products and broken bridge aluminum products. These two types are clearly defined and required by the state. In addition, the technology is very advanced now, and a new product is often developed every two years, but it is basically based on conventional varieties, only to increase the appearance and reduce the cost.

3. Other varieties are: aluminum-plastic-aluminum, which is compounded on the basis of plastic-steel to improve the strength. Broken bridge aluminum wood, on the basis of broken bridge, the inner side is changed to solid wood, which increases the beauty of the interior side. Pure solid wood, the grade and quality are relatively high, but the price is also very objective, its defect is that it is more sensitive to water and fire.

4. Wood-aluminum composite, composite profiles of aluminum profiles and solid wood products, can meet the general conditions of use, and the performance indicators are also good. The new wood-plastic-aluminum composite profile, a new composite profile of wood-plastic and aluminum, is mainly a staged substitute for solid wood products.

The construction industry has developed on a large scale in recent years, and at the same time, it has also spawned the popularity of some related products. Door and window profiles are one of the main products. There are indeed many brands of door and window profiles on the market, and the door and window profiles introduced above are only a small part.

2.which kind of door and window profiles is good?

At present, the most popular aluminum alloy doors and windows in the market, plastic steel doors and windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, the products accepted by the public must have their advantages, but the price of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is relatively expensive, and the economic conditions Allowed friends can be considered. The common wooden doors and windows in the past are slowly being replaced by aluminum alloy and plastic steel doors and windows.