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What material is good for home improvement windows, so choose the right one


The window is one of the important structures of the house. It not only has the practical functions of ventilation and lighting, but also has a certain decorative effect. Choosing a good window can ensure good indoor ventilation and lighting in cloudless weather. When the storm is stormy, you can shield your home from the wind and rain, and even a large floor-to-ceiling window or a warm bay window can bring a good visual effect to people, either simple or warm. So which kind of window material is good, the following will introduce the correct window purchase method to help you choose a good window.

One, three common window materials to buy

1. Plastic steel windows
First, it is necessary to understand the PVC profiles selected for plastic steel windows. From the outside, the surface is smooth and the color is blue and white; There should be a steel frame in the frame of the plastic-steel window, and the glass should be installed flat and firm without direct contact with the material; fourthly, look at the glass, if it is double-glazed, there should be no dust and water vapor in the interlayer; fifthly, pay attention to whether the joint structure of the plastic-steel window and the area of ​​the window are as designed The requirement is proportional. If it is not proportional, it is necessary to consider whether the bearing capacity is reasonable.

2. Aluminum alloy windows
First look at the material, including aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, whether the color is consistent, and whether the hardware assembly is complete; second, look at the processing, high-quality aluminum alloy windows, fine processing, smooth tangent, consistent angle (the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), there will be no obvious gaps during the splicing process, and the switch will be smooth; thirdly, look at the glass to see if it is insulating glass, whether it is coated or not, and the composite coating is generally corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and high-gloss; four Look at the size to see if the window size is correct.

3. Wooden windows
First, check whether the installation position of the window frame and window sash meets the design requirements; second, check whether the window frame is firm, whether the surface of the window shoulder is flat, whether the cutting edge is straight, and whether there is any defect or color difference on the surface; third, check whether the position of the hardware is correct, and whether the hinge Whether the installation is double-sided, the groove depth is consistent, and the edges are neat; four check whether the size of the cover strip and the seam strip is the same, straight and smooth, and whether it is consistent with the surface color and texture of the varnished wooden window.

Second, door and window accessories purchase

1. Door suction
There are two types of door suctions: wall suction and floor suction, which can be selected according to the situation at home, but it should be noted that sometimes the wall suction can only be installed on the skirting line, so it is easy to pull the skirting off after long-term use. In this case, it is best to choose to inhale. At present, there are various door suction materials on the market. In general, stainless steel door suction is the best, not only in appearance than other door suctions, but also in performance.

2. Door closer
The weight of the door and the width of the door are the most important factors in choosing the door closer model. Usually, the weight of the door is small, and the model with less force is selected, and vice versa. In terms of the use requirements and selection of door closers, door closers must meet the national standard GB9305-88, and door closers used for fire doors should also meet GA93-1995. The use environment of the door should also be considered. For occasions with frequent use, it should be required that the product has better sealing performance and long service life.

3. Hinge
When buying hinges, you should choose according to the environment and material characteristics. You can also weigh the weight of similar products of different brands when purchasing, and thick-quality products are better. The hinge with good workmanship has beautiful appearance and small gap, and it will be more reliable to use. The quality of the hinge mainly depends on the quality of the bearing. The larger the diameter of the bearing, the better, and the thicker the wall, the better. Hold one of the hinges with your hand and let the other slide down freely.

4. Slide rail
Before purchasing, measure the required length, applicable scenarios, and how much weight you need. The slide rail with integral connection is preferred, with good load-bearing performance, followed by the three-point connection structure. At the same time, the material used for the slide rail also plays a crucial role in the quality of the slide rail. When purchasing, choose a slide rail with good texture, high hardness and heavier weight. Experience more in the process of sliding, whether it is smooth. Usually the quality of big brands is more guaranteed.