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To understand window profiles, eight knowledge points need to be mastered!


Many decoration shopkeepers only care whether the profile is solid or not when they arrive at the store, and don't care about other things. In fact, the current new national standard requires the wall thickness of windows to be no less than 1.8mm. Generally speaking, the profiles of windows, in addition to the wall thickness, also need to understand the following eight points:

1. The glass and hardware of the windows have separate brands.

2. The models of broken bridge aluminum are 55, 60, 65, and 70, which refer to the thickness of the door and window frame. 55 is 55mm, which means that the thickness of the door and window frame is 55mm-59mm. This dimension directly affects the size of the insulation strip;

3. The heat insulation strip is made of nylon, which can withstand high temperature of 300 ° C. The counterfeit products are generally replaced by flammable PVC materials, which can be identified by a lighter;

4. The genuine broken bridge aluminum feels very smooth to the touch, while the fake broken bridge aluminum contains more impurities, and the extruded lines are more obvious, and the scrap aluminum will be very rough;

5. Now all tempered glass has CCC mark, 3C is an important sign to identify the authenticity of tempered glass, in the corner below the window;

6. For safety, try to temper the windows larger than 1.5㎡;

7. If you choose insulating glass, in order to achieve the thermal insulation effect, generally choose a hollow thickness of 12mm or more, and the glass on both sides should reach a thickness of 5mm;

8. The recommended double-layer insulating glass is 6mm+12mmA+6mm, and the three-layer insulating glass is recommended 5mm+6mmA+5mm+6mmA+5mm, where A represents the intermediate air layer, and the others represent the thickness of the glass.

After completion, it must be inspected on the spot, and the quality of materials and installation depends on it!
After the windows are installed, on-site acceptance is required, mainly to check whether the models of the materials are consistent and whether there are any problems with the installation process.

1. First "Single". Check whether the model, size, structure, color, size of the opening fan, hardware brand, opening direction and installation position of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows should be consistent with the contract and drawings, and whether the glass is the one you choose.

2. Look at the appearance. It is to see if there are obvious stains. The surface of the aluminum material should be smooth and the thickness should be uniform. There should be no quality problems such as scratches, slumps, bubbles, wrinkles, corrosion points, and breakage. The same is true for glass, and there should be no scratches and cracks. , stains, etc. Focus on checking whether the doors and windows are deformed, otherwise the doors and windows will not be closed tightly.

3. Test the switch. Check whether the hardware accessories are complete, whether the position is installed correctly, and see if there is any inversion, block and rebound. You can push and pull several times to see if it is smooth. After closing, the sealing strip should be in a compressed state.