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How to keep the windows warm in winter?


In winter, it is cold outside but very warm inside. However, after some windows and window frame building materials have been used for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be gaps. In the case of wind and snow, these gaps will leak air, making the indoor temperature low, and a whistle-like sound will be issued. Therefore, we can seal the gaps around the windows according to the situation in winter.

Causes of air leaks in windows

poor material

Most of the current windows use broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum or plastic steel windows. Aluminum alloy windows have been rarely used and have been gradually eliminated in the manufacture of doors and windows. But even if you buy broken bridge heat-insulating aluminum-plastic-steel windows, you should pay attention to the material. If the material itself is not good, the window will deform after a few years of use. Once deformed, the airtightness of the window will be destroyed, and air leakage will occur.

Installation is not in place

There is no problem with the quality of the windows themselves. If the installation is not in place, it is also an important cause of air leakage. Once installed improperly, it tends to become more and more crooked, and there will be gaps between the window frame and the wall, which naturally leaks air. Secondly, when filling the gap between the window frame and the wall, if there is no sealant, the styrofoam may be powdered, and air leakage will occur over time.

How to seal windows in winter
Filled with sawdust

If it is a double-layered old-fashioned window, you can fill the window seam with sawdust, which can prevent cold air from entering the room and achieve thermal insulation effect;

Add a layer of plastic

This kind of window is easy to leak water, you can stick a sponge on the gap of the window, and the thermal insulation effect is good;

filled with foam

The gap between the window frame and the wall can be repaired with Styrofoam.

use thick curtains

The aging of the window tape is actually a very common thing. In fact, it can be replaced with a thick curtain at home, so that some cold wind can be blocked from entering the house!

Get your window seals ready

If you want to seal your windows, the easiest way is to use window seals.

How to keep the windows warm in winter

The disadvantage of the plastic-steel frame material is that it is easy to ventilate for a long time, and the gap at the interface is too large to be bonded. A better approach at this time is to stick a sponge around the window and then cover the entire window with plastic. Plastic absorbs heat but is not breathable and maintains a good temperature. There are many windows in old houses, but they are all made of single-layer glass, and the insulation effect is not good.

If the original single-layer glass is replaced with double-layer glass, one is that the profile specifications may be different, and the other is that the weight of the window is increased after adding glass, and the window may become difficult to open, so it is recommended to replace the window; If the window opens outwards, you can add a layer of windows in the room. If the windows open outwards, you can add a layer of sliding windows outside. The thermal insulation effect of double glazing can be achieved through two layers of windows.

It can be seen that the installation is not in place, the quality of materials and the failure of accessories will cause air leakage from doors and windows. The owner should start from these points before installation to prevent problems and cause unnecessary trouble. The above is a summary of some doors and windows knowledge made by Baydee uPVC Profile for you, hoping to help you.